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    I'm going to be buying a second-hand Super Champ XD on Friday, that I haven't had a chance to try out because the seller lives an hour's drive away from me. From what I see on videos online the original speaker can sound a bit tinny and the amp could benefit from a better speaker.
    I am mainly interested in the tweed modelling sounds of the amp but also the voice 1 clean.
    This video here shows how the clean channel sounds a lot fuller with the Eminence cannabis rex and I was wondering if the original poster is happy with his purchase, a year later

    but... as cosmic gumbo mentioned, the original speaker is closer to a hifi than a guitar amp speaker because it's trying to replicate many models, so I am really looking for opinions about whether a speaker "upgrade" is worth it or not.

    regarding tone, I'm trying to get as close to something like early Kenny Burrell which I know is a P90 through a tweed deluxe or something similar and I have only an Ibanez Artcore with humbuckers on, but anyway that's the idea and intention.

    any comments highly appreciated


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    Original poster here: couldn't be happier:great tone, subtle, howls when it has to! :-)