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    ]I’ve known Steve since 2001, I had him make me a couple tailpieces. Always jonesed for an Archtop if his. This is supposed to be mt last guitar. I wanted some amazing wood for it, we found a vendor that had some gorgeous billets. So, since May Steve and I’ve been in touch. He truly makes what you want, these custom pieces take time. So if you’re patient you get what you ask for. He’s a real artist, not afraid to tackle the tough special orders.

    In the immortal words of Rod Stewart, every picture tells a story.

    17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-790e17cc-ddd2-4cc0-8214-0594539ed867-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-5c3e22c1-671b-4324-b47d-86e0e1017b0a-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-82430513-9292-4705-91ca-6d42d08849a3-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-720f63d1-89df-4131-b48e-fb3c380aa9d9-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-c8de7e87-7d78-4e21-9f24-a9ed3f0c075c-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-b6eef6fd-0fc9-4091-a21b-559beab4d7c8-jpg


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    17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-68fb013d-8a53-4c69-9f4a-258f770ba34d-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-50c73c93-939a-43d1-a563-a89e1b44fb1f-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-678f9022-7ace-4c27-bae5-53157f50bf2d-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-fc8982f6-c022-44a5-a308-aa74fa692736-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-abe84187-832b-41b7-af60-81ec05584722-jpg17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-f6b01cca-947d-4715-83a0-907f82e0c0a8-jpg

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    ?Shaping up fast now
    Attached Images Attached Images 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-1829e623-cbab-436d-921f-74a561be8dff-jpg 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-8979a90e-9d2c-4d0c-a1b6-2170dc16e09e-jpg 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-0c044039-0a8f-4941-8ca5-eb8c20c47831-jpg 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-7d3dc53d-45c8-4c6e-9478-689edcbabe6e-jpg 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-21c5335f-796c-474f-9cc4-9e436075692d-jpg 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-a8534916-6f35-4bd0-a9db-6c3ada0d8b2b-jpg 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-1c238c91-c945-4e7b-aa4f-084dac82462d-jpg 17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-1c8c420f-0ac9-4387-b1fe-d31d5dc0b27c-jpg 

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    great pics!!

    1st album i ever bought on my own...a kid


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    As of tonight it’s got two coats of clear nitro, no stain by choice. The body, neck and bindings are from that one amazin billet. The top is some real old growth spruce from Alaska. Thefingerboard, headstock overlays, tailpiece and pickguard are from one piece of macassar ebony. Using a Bartolinni 5J and Schattens, black Grover bean tuners. It’s worth waiting for.

    17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-ddc65acb-7d98-49f7-8d07-266d001db154-jpg
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    Just kidding, Mike. That is going to be one beautiful beast. Thanks for sharing the build pics.

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    Beautiful, just beautiful. It starts with good wood but the luthier makes the difference. Chose well you did young Skywalker.


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    natural maple waves
    magnificent, we want to dive in it

    Don't drown!

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    Wow, shapin' up real good!! Thanks for the pics!

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    What a lovely looking guitar, Mike -- if it sounds as good as it looks it's gonna sound really special!

    Looks like three-piece sides with a tail-block in the standard two-piece location. Is that because everything came from one billet and that's what he could fit?

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    Gorgeous !!! to the absolute

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    Well, Schwing, Schwing, coming along very nicely, Mr. "self-proclaimed" my-17-incher Big Mike.

    That's a nice billet of maple!

    Can't wait.

    Play it good health.

    Schwing again!

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    Sam Sherry, that's right, go to the head of the class. Looking through the photos on his Facebook page I saw where he did that. Some ninny said “real archtops don’t have that”. My response is

    How many fingers am I holding up...

    17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-4d84632f-3ad0-4ead-8515-8ea346c2cd27-jpg

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    That is a thing of beauty, Big! Enjoy it forever!

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    17 Inch Carved Holst Archtop-c0e70690-eaad-48a9-8228-f769a349d6fe-jpg

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    The builds are looking great you guys. Looking forward to your feedback on the final product.

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    Vinnys is really shaping up.
    Mine is likely a month off, I told Steve to take his time letting the nitro dry on mine.

    Quote Originally Posted by QAman
    The builds are looking great you guys. Looking forward to your feedback on the final product.
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