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    While I've owned several archtops over the years, I never commissioned a custom instrument until this one. I only had a few special requests. The nut and string spacing are the same as my flat top acoustics as is the scale length. I wanted a single mounted Kent Armstrong pickup. I also decreased the body width to minimize feedback. Because I love the "classic" look, I asked Steve for old school F holes, violin style binding and purfling and finally a warm brown wood tone with a very mild burst. As you can see from the pictures he knocked the ball out of the park. Perfect fit and finish. Very comfortable neck. The tone is classic Kent Armstrong. Just a joy to play. Steve was great to work with and I almost feel guilty taking this level of craftsmanship at the VERY affordable price he charges. If a custom instrument is in your future, I highly recommend Steve Holst. Many others on the forum feel the same way. We're lucky to have him.


    Holst 16" Custom-unknown-5-jpegHolst 16" Custom-unknown-8-jpegHolst 16" Custom-unknown-11-jpegHolst 16" Custom-unknown-7-jpegHolst 16" Custom-unknown-10-jpegHolst 16" Custom-unknown-6-jpegHolst 16" Custom-unknown-9-jpeg


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    So you're the one who bought that guitar with the violin binding. I saw it on Steve's Facebook page. Beautiful.

    I've had a couple of Steve's guitars and I think you'll love this one. Congratulations. Enjoy. Make it sing.

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    ?I’m glad you like yours, he’s shooting mine in the early part of the week. I can’t wait...

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    Fantastic -- congrats!!!

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    I really like the violin like bindings and the sides (pic #3)

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    A absolute stunner ! A big CONGRATS.

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    That's a beautiful instrument! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Congratulations on your new Holst, the violin finish
    is very classy, i hope that you enjoy it for many years
    For the first time I placed an order for a Custom build
    with another highly esteemed guitar builder, a long wait
    but I know it will be worth it.