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    Hello all! So during band practice today, I had my tiny terror going into my 1x12 8 ohm Celestion speaker cabinet, plugged into the 8 ohm input on the head. The volume and gain were cranked and suddenly the head just completely cut out. I tried a variety of problem solving issues, at first thinking it was my cables but that was not the case. I then thought I may have blown a tube, but the filament in both tubes was still running hot. I assume I blew a fuse because of how high the gain and volume were but I am a little weary of opening up the head and tinkering with it because I am not very savvy electronically speaking. If anyone can give any insight into what may have happened I would kindly appreciate it !
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    full up on gain & volume!! runnin it hot huh!! haha...amp to cab cable ok?...might have blown speaker voice coil...don't know ur rig specifics..but a possibility...

    check basics first..try different cab/speaker, if u have...with a known working speaker cable...

    cld be anything..but start basic


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    Does amp still light up?
    yes?> switch off > connect another speaker with a good cable> switch on> does it work now?. If not, switch off immediately> replace tube(s) & speaker cable > switch on.
    no?> disconnect mains cable, look for external fuse holder, check fuse. If blown, replace fuse with same value> replace tubes>connect mains cable> switch on. Do this only once: if still not working, take to a tech.
    If fuse not blown, amp lights up but still not working, and you have replaced tubes, speaker and speaker cable, disconnect & take to a tech. You have done all you can safely do without some amp knowledge.