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    Super 400 floating
    Peterson P-100G mk-Ev

    please check also related vids.
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thank you !!! That is a fine guitarist, playing one of the most desirable guitars in the world; beautiful looking, beautiful to hear.

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    Super 400 is good sounds,not like to electric piano.

    Also by good player and his sense.

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    Yes, you are right. George Van Epps was another guitarist whose playing reminded me of a piano. Here's an old clip (sorry about the poor quality) good recordings of him when he was younger are VERY impressive:

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    Howard Roberts played an Epiphone round-hole, single pickup archtop guitar (some say based on the Gibson ES-150). Gibson later introduced it as a standard model after acquiring Epiphone, the guitar had a unique sound. Roberts did jazz-oriented pop music and had monster chops!

    H.R. liked (it's said) VERY large diameter strings but he seemed able to stretch them with ease. And he did the "Two Minute Drill" better than anyone - he compressed a lot of technique into brief musical segments. I don't recall any instances where he really "stepped out", he was basically a studio guy.

    I'd have liked to hear him play with some of the great post-bop musicians that were starting to get recognition around that time ... didn't happen and H.R. never obtained the recognition that other skilled peers garnered (e.g. Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow, Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell - and of course Wes Montgomery).

    Mister Montgomery wasn't a West Coast studio guy, Farlow not so much either. Influences were shifting back and forth between L.A. and N.Y.C. at the time and that hasn't changed, right?

    Just thought I'd mention H.R. - he was one speedy, technical guy! He did a lot of horn lines on the guitar, not so common at that time.

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    Now I remember the HR model.

    Tnx randyc

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    Fine music, Kawa. Beautiful and expressed by musicians influenced by the jazz period that I like best. (THAT'S the sound that made me want to play this music!)

    Can you post some CD titles (hopefully available in the U.S.) of the leaders/groups that you like best?


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    Hi Kawa,

    Mister Okiasu has the finest collection of jazz guitars that I've ever seen. He's a fantastic guitarist and I wonder why more Japanese jazz artists don't get the exposure in the U.S. that their talent deserves?

    Thanks for sharing this information,

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    Wow, those are two great guitarists. Their sound is exactly what I'm looking for. You just gotta love those Super 400's.

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    Just to agree, that Super 400, in the hands of a very fine musician, makes a stunning noise. Really beautiful, and most inspiring - thank you for the link.

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    Good tone among the youtube by 175.
    He is picking the neck end.

    (upload sound level has somthing wrong)

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    D'Anjelico !!!
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    While listening to one of Kawa's selections, I spotted a thumbnail with the unmistakable L-4CES configuration ...

    That's the strangest pickguard that I've ever seen on a Gibson, but he sure gets a sweet sound from the guitar, using his thumb.

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    Yes,white one ! but just replaced.
    I like L4 and this video.(neck end picking tone)
    I checked also related videos one after another included good lesson videos.

    See you.
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    With reference to Kawa's last post, that's a beautiful guitar - I like the double bass in this trio but the guitarist must be note-perfect all of the time in this minimalist environment.

    Yes indeed, Mister Severson appears to know his way around that L-4

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    Hello Kawa,

    I've listened to all of the Yoshiaki Okayasu clips and I've really enjoyed them, thank you for sharing them.


    That's an interest trio. The bass player, Todd Johnson, playing what looks to be a Yamaha six string bass, is very good as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpmedium
    Hello Kawa,

    I've listened to all of the Yoshiaki Okayasu clips and I've really enjoyed them, thank you for sharing them.


    That's an interest trio. The bass player, Todd Johnson, playing what looks to be a Yamaha six string bass, is very good as well
    Yes, he is VERY good, those guys may have been playing together for a while I like the environment, too, wherever it may be. Looks like either a very nice, well-carpeted studio or a very guitar-oriented living room (like mine), LOL.

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    Fascinate tones by Guild and Bingo (1:10~18)
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    Please check the right side etc.
    (too mutch high cut is not good for the insturuments characters taste)
    (there are many of too mutch hgh cut guitar tones on web videos)
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    (some one is good for the bigband)
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    (Sorry,the title is wrong, New D'Angelico)
    Good sounds gets by good command.
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    My favorite sound: the L-5CES

    I waited most of my life to own one (and I'm completely fulfilled each time that I play it). That solid-state Fender amplifier does a great job of faithfully reproducing (without altering) the inherently rich sound of the instrument!

    Thanks, Kawa, beautiful tune - your choices, as always, reflect your good taste.

    (PS: I referred to the Jazzkat-amplified instrument mentioned a few posts ago - I was tardy with my comment.)
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