The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    When I hear "Li'l Darlin", it's forever associated in my mind with "Satin Doll" and "Girl Talk". You post beautiful music and your video accompaniments are always entertaining. We're lucky that you're a member! Perhaps some day we'll have the pleasure of seeing/hearing you perform - especially with a big band. That would be great

    Randy C

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    VERY nice, Mister Kawashima, that is an impressive orchestra. Guys, take a look at this web page. Kawa is listed and photographed in the rhythm section at the very top. In the orchestral photo, he's seated at the far left, next to the pianist.

    Thank you very much !
    Randy C.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randyc
    VERY nice, Mister Kawashima, that is an impressive orchestra. Guys, take a look at this web page. Kawa is listed and photographed in the rhythm section at the very top. In the orchestral photo, he's seated at the far left, next to the pianist.

    Thank you very much !
    Randy C.

    Someones posted just one video on the Web ; with the Billy Vaughn Orchestra.(I'm off the this song)
    The Billy Vaughn Orchestra playing now the Good Americans Era Musics with three chorus girls(Names:Billy Vaughn Girls).
    Afterhours,We had a garden party,I talked with the Billy Vaughns guitarman(Gibson L-7C-Floater),He is a Pedal steel Mania and visit to the his offerd factory in Japan with enjoy.

    Thank you your cheks randyc.
    See you
    from Fumio Kawashima (kawa)
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    Hi Squint:

    Apologies for my lack of knowledge or poor memory, take your pick. Is Bill Nelson the guitarist for the Billy Vaughn Orchestra? (It's a serious question, I don't know who Bill Nelson is.)


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    No worries Randy! Bill had a band in the 70's called Be Bop Deluxe.
    He has since played with Yukihiro Takahashi, YMO and even some of the guys from the group Japan in a band called Rain Tree Crow among many others. I last saw him with Harold Budd, John Foxx, Jah Wobble, Theo Travis, and others at a concert in Brighton UK a few years ago. But his musical output is simply stunning... several CDs a year.

    These newest titles in his solo catalogue have quite a bit of Jazz influence in them and are a blast to listen to (and play along with)!

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    LOVELY MUSIC ! It's not often that we hear Jim Hall and Kenny Burrell on the same tune (not to mention all of the other fine musicians on that cut).

    Thank you, Mister Kawashima, for your always interesting posts.

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    Kawa, thank you very much, "Poinciana" is one of my favorite tunes - one that I still play solo. It's a tune that is perfect for the fingers, rather than pick. (Also, I'd not heard Jamal on piano before - always on vibraphone.)

    Jamal owned a jazz club in San Francisco at one time (the "Blackhawk" I think). Many fine jazz musicians used to play there in the late fifties and early sixties. I wish that I'd visted the club when I lived there.


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    Me too, I liked everything on the Verve label !! I started buying Verve LPs in 1965 (Wes Montomery was the first one I bought, I think). I have several Jimmy Smith CDs but only one or two tunes with Burrell on them. They were a very good pair.


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    He playing the dixiie in usually, Eu peopule like the dixie.
    I felt the relation from the polka.
    I saw him in dusseldorf at the "Dr.Jazz"
    This style

    our band practice in now this
    (Please listen the relationals, Thank you.)
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    Wow, Acker Bilk still looks the same as he did in 1964 - a little bit less hair ! So your band does Dixieland music too - here in Eureka, we have a Dixieland Jazz Festival every Spring. I don't know much about that kind of music so I'm not sure if the artists that perform here are good or not good.


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    please chek the relationals, thank you.
    This is good !!!
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    BBC Studio in London (1964) Amp : his favorite Gibson GA50
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    I had one Gibson amplifier, GA-79RVT and it was marvelous if a little underpowered. Those are nice examples of Hall's virtuosity. Thank you, Kawa.

    I have a vinyl record somewhere, I think that it is "Ella in Berlin". As I recall, a couple of the tunes are simply her voice and his guitar - very beautiful.

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    The Gibson amps felt us something electronics fravors, also this models panel design likes some radio transmitter.
    When I was Ham Radio Boys, found the Gibson amp schematics. it's a chance for me join-in the this world from noisie world.
    The circuits is interested for me, signal prosesor by choke coile and tolemoro and etc, made special amp with reverb effects by L/R both side of speakers.
    Some pro musicians knew the this things, they ask me next to next for fixing reverb jobs.
    Thank you randyc.
    See you.
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    (placed strap button as like to the LP position and replaced pickup)

    with Attila Zoller
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    "Best Recording Prize" (Japanese audo magazine STEREO, 2008 disk award ) etc.

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    (enjoyable atomosphere !!!)
    please check the relationals, thank you.
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    The traditional rhythm guitar sound by an unamplifired archtop Gibson L-7, electric: Gibson L-5 Wes-Model.

    (Please check the relationals videos, thank you)
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    2Way pickup system, Bridge and Top, Yamaha knows Tops importance !!!
    Internal Sensor : Double piezoelectric acoustic sensors in the guitar body pick up the natural guitar sound and rich tone of natural acoustics.
    Bridge sensor : A piezoelectric sensor. Highly resistant to howring, yet picks up thouse deep, mellow sounds.

    Top : Spruce
    Back and side : Palisander
    Neck : Mahogany
    Finger board : Ebony
    Bridge : Jacaranda
    Body style : Cutaway, arched back.
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    Thanks "silhouette"

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