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    I realise I didn’t put any discription of my amps. Here it comes:

    1- 1994 Fender Blues Deluxe. Modded: Jensen Neo speaker and circuit transformed closer to AB763. Great amp for jazz, but very heavy.

    2- Guyatone GA-1100D. (w Fender badge): probably late 70ies Japanese Twin Reverb copy. It’s 1:1 an AB763 Twin. The ultimate clean jazz amp?

    3- (on the floor, foreground): AER Alpha. Great little portable PA/guitar amp

    4- Framus Strato 345. German, 60ies, 1x12”, 2xEL36. Great sound, like a Tweed Deluxe but with BF Deluxe power and headroom (little more even, supposedly 45 watts). My main amp nowadays!

    5- Guyatone GA-1100. Late 60ies Japanese Vibroverb clone (15” speaker!) Heavy clean monster.

    6- 1962 Dynacord DA-16v. Great little German vintage amp with a surprising lot of headroom for a 2xEL84 amp! The combo housing is a modified Lafayette LA-75 cab with a 12” speaker

    7- Award Session BluesBaby 22 in DIY pine cab with Jensen NEO 12-100 solid state amp. Lightweight (8 kgs), and very tube-like!

    8- Award Session Rockette 30 mosfet amp. Packs a lot of punch for such a small amp! The Bluesbaby’s forerunner, but with a little more power and headroom.

    9- Artec Tino MA3T. My smallest (practise) amp. Runs on a 9V battery. Fits in a suitcase for holidays! It’s not meant for gigging but actually sounds pretty nice! (But 5 watt thru a 5” speaker won’t take you very far)


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    four 70's polytone mini brute early 2000's polytone minibrute henriksen jazz 10 henriksen Blu.. I gig with the blue.

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    Fender Blues Junior- 1994 with Cannabis Rex speaker. Currently up for Sale on Reverb. Given as a gift from an ex-girlfriend waaaaaay back in the day.

    Little Jazz- Guitar Center sale about a year ago.

    Rivera Jazz Supreme 25- got from Reverb about 6 months ago. I like it very much. Got for what I think was a great price.

    Gibson Ga-18- got this from an estate sale back in spring. Mint condition aestethically with original cover. It did need a new 3 prong and some small updates. Very cool, I dig it!

    I'm a beginner and this equipment is way above my level of play, but it's something to aspire to.

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-20191229_131748-jpg

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    1962 Fender Pro
    1962 Fender Vibrolux
    1964 Fender Tremolux
    1966 Ampeg Gemini II
    1967 Fender Bassman
    1974 Deluxe Reverb
    1976 Sano 250R
    Mesa TA-15, VHT Super6 Ultra, 2 Pignose 100
    I also have half a dozen or more cabinets with various speakers and even more speakers in boxes.
    Yea, I am a fender guy but a couple of other amps thrown in the mix.
    Thanks John
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    I built a little 20w "Footrest" amp from scraps (but not in a cave). I tried a Fender Frontman 212r, which sounded good, but was way big for me to lug around. I owned a Roland Cube 30x for 2 days; resold. I've now settled on a 1980's Fender Champ 12 tube amp. I still have my little footrest amp too.

    So the answer is 2:
    - Fender Champ 12
    - Homemade "Footrest" 20w 6" amp
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    I have two:

    Quilter 101 Reverb into a Blockdock 10TC
    Quilter Micropro Mach2 HD 12" speaker

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    Same as gits, more than I need, less than I want.

    With a super, twin, positive grid and old Polytone, I should be selling unused things on Craigslist this year. Maybe that triplerec can go? :-)

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    I have a Jazz 12 and a Micro 50, that's it. I am a digital heathen

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    3 for me

    Yamaha G50ii 112
    Yamaha JX15
    Roland Orange Cube 100

    I play them all fairly evenly. Could prob stand to sell one of the bigger ones to have more space but I couldn't choose between them at this point cause I haven't had the Cube long.

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    66 super reverb
    73 super reverb
    77 boogie mkI
    TopHat Super deluxe
    Vintage Sound vs20
    Tungsten cortez
    DV Mark little jazz
    Ultrasound pro200

    recently sold - Vintage Sound vs40

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    I have pared down to:

    Custom Blues Jr with Cannabis Speaker, dark green Tolex and other custom features.

    Lab Series L5.

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    I Have Three

    Ulbrick Venue 30 class A tube (great sounding but need a forklift to move)

    Phil Jones Super Cub (used as a backup amp)

    Mambo 10" wedge + 10" wedge extension speaker cabinet (main amp great sound and all the volume I will ever need)

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    Too many! For one thing, multiples of virtually each type. Gotta have spares, backups, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greentone
    Too many! For one thing, multiples of virtually each type. Gotta have spares, backups, right?
    C’mon Greentone give us a quick rundown ;D Even just selected bits!

    I’ll be green, too, from seeing all those tweed amps in the list! Why am I obsessed with tweed amps? Maybe because they’re amazing?

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    Heh, I was thinking I might have a problem until I saw this thread. First of all, I own no jazz amps.

    Crate 40 watt something or another. I boughtit new back in 1996. Has two 10s, two channels, 20 watts per channel. I've gigged with it, where I amplified my classical playing with a big band.

    Marshall 8020. A little 20 watt Marshall practice amp, has an 8" speaker of some sort. Best thing about this little critter is it has a Line Out. I've actually recorded with it. It gets a decent overdriven sound.

    Marshall VS102R. This is a 100 watt, 2 - 12" Celestion combo. Has a tube for the pre-amp section, solid state for the power section. This amp is LOUD and has a very respectable overdriven Marshall quality about it. I actually like it a lot.

    Marshal CODE 50. 50 watts, 1 - 12" Celestion. I bought this amp early last year because I wanted a decent modelling amp with some up-to-date features. It has over 100 presets, and is capable of delivering on all of them. It even has Bluetooth so I can control it from my phone. It also has a USB out, which makes it more convenient for recording with.

    Marshall CODE 100. 100 watts, 2 - 12" Celestions. I bought this one a few months ago. I didn't really need this amp, but Marshall had discontinued it and everybody was blowing it out at almost half price. I just couldn't let that deal get by me, so I picked one up. I don't need it, but I'm figuring that one of these days somebody else will, and I might actually be able to make a few $ off the deal.

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    Add another one to my list
    Attached Images Attached Images How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-cda71e25-482d-4e89-b1bc-998dd9a23576-jpg 

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    Hiwatt DR504
    Roland Cube 30X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammertone
    I suppose I could play guitar through this:
    That looks like a lot of watts in that box. Does the head have an output transformer, or a typical push-pull solid-state output?

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    Mesa introduced the "Fathom" in 2008, and quickly re-badged it as the "M6 Carbine" because of a trademark issue. It was discontinued in May of 2017.

    I think it was a success for Mesa, made obsolete by the many Class D amps now on the market that have similar or more power and only weigh 5 pounds.
    I prefer it to the Class D amps I've tried - it just sounds better to me. Sounds great and has lots of tonal versatility for an old guy like me, who plays 4-string bass w/flatwounds - electric and upright. It's a MOSFET amp with a 12ax7 in the preamp. Weighs 25 lbs - doesn't seem heavy to me, but can't compete with 5 pounds. It's rated at 600 watts into a 2 or 4 ohm load, or 320 watts into an 8 ohm load.

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    Looks like I currently have 17. I've owned at least that many more that are no longer with me.

    Most gigged:

    1. Mercer Deluxe - 5e3 clone
    2. Fishman Loudbox Artist
    3. Crate Taxi

    And the rest -- they all gig at one time or another:

    1. Fender Princeton 65 RI
    2. Fender Bassman 65 RI
    3. Fender Deluxe 65 RI
    4. Fender Princeton Recording Amp
    5. Fender Pro Junior -- early tweed version made in Lake Oswego
    6. Fender Excelsior -- 2nd version with the upgraded speaker
    7. Wolff Amp - a sort of hotrodded Champ type, 10watts
    8. Fender Champion 600 RI -- basically a toy, though I have gigged it a time or two
    9. Fender Musicmaster Bass -- silverface, needs work, not stage-worthy yet
    10. Quilter MicroPro 200
    11. ZT Lunchbox -- my favorite steel guitar amp
    12. ZT Lunchbox Acoustic -- workable but not great

    Bass amps:
    1. Phillip Jones Briefcase
    2. GK MB400

    I'm considering trying an AER Compact 60 in the never-ending quest to get a decent loud tone out of my gypsy guitar.

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    Custom made, small walnut cab. 50 watts, quiet...The perfect small amp for me.

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    1. Fender Mustang III Ver 2
    2. Fender Twin Reverb 65 RI
    3. Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI
    4. Crate 60
    5. LAB Series L5

    I mostly use the Mustang these days. It has been years since I moved the Twin or the Deluxe. I sometimes will take the little Crate to a rehearsal. The LAB L5 has been sitting in my garage for over 20 years. The reverb on it went out in the late 80s. I'd like to get it cleaned up and working but I never seem to get around to it. I'm probably going to use the Deluxe more. It has a C Rex speaker and is a really great sounding amp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBPhx
    Add another one to my list
    A remarkable display of physical prowess and a strong stand against the tiny-amp-trend! Bravo! ;D

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    The TM Twin only weighs 32lbs. Which is less than either the Peavey Classic 30 or Boss Katana 100w Combo. It’s my tiny amp with a BIG sound.

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    Hadn’t noticed that it was a TM! Well-played sir! And let us know how it sounds… I’m sure it sounds great!

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    1 Bartel Starwood. Don’t really need anything else for any reason.

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    2 amps:
    A vibrolux clone
    Dv Mark little Jazz

    I only use the Vibrolux for home practice between 9am and 6pm or if i use my car to reach the gig. Thé rest of thé time, 80%, i play with thé LJ . I mostly play after my normal working day and hère in Paris i only use public transport to move to pubs or restaurant .
    Regarding that use i should sold my Fender clone but it is so good when i plug in my telecaster... and for my next amp i would like to try thé new Blu 10 because sometime i found thé 8 ‘´ speaker of thé LJ a little bit to small and i don t want to add an external cabinet as thé portability is thé major criteria for me ( and thé Sound of course..).

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    Many of you around the world seem to be using DV Mark amps. Being Italian (and knowing the professionalism of Marco De Virgiliis), it makes me very happy

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    Wow - the DV Mark LJ sure gets a lot of love here. I have one as well, and it’s all I use these days (when I do use an amp - which is rare). I am in woodshedding mode in a tiny apartment so I don’t even get to play my LJ much. I also have a Yermamaha THR10 that’s been relegated to the ‘stereo’ (just for listening to music). Up in storage I have an older Marshall DSL20 that I really love for my Les Paul. Years ago I had a Matchless Chieftain and a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 4x10. Those were both WAY TOO MUCH amp for my needs, but a lot of fun to play. Way, way back when I had a Princeton Reverb. Don’t ask - it’s too painful to discuss...

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    Wow, Matchless are really great amps, but rare and too much expensive here...
    I had a DeVille (2x12): great sound, but uncontrollable volume: sold it to the other guitar player in my band, who loves it but thinks everyday about replacing this beast for the same reason...

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    Boss Katana 50

    Polytone Mega Brute

    Both we’re purchased used at my local Long & McQuade location.

    Polytone for jazz/big band; Katana for everything else.

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    1981 Mesa Boogie Mark II B
    Roland Cube 60
    Ampeg G-18

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    Polytone mini-brute that I bought new in early 80's
    Jazzkat, TomKat that I picked up in Thailand (I live in Bangkok)
    Bugera v22 Infinium for that tube fix
    ZT lunchbox and lunchbox acoustic for when my 66 year old back hurts and you can get a good sound with an archtop by adding the extension speaker.
    Boss Katana 50 for fun with crazy sounds. Actually a very good amp for the money.
    Too many, but you all know how that goes.

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    I'm going to pickup my Katana 50 tomorrow. My back will thank me, the Blues Deville is getting heavy.

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    They are quite good and not heavy. A very decent amp for the money. I can plug in a Strat or Tele or a big Arch Top and get a very decent sound.

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    This is fun, I'll play:

    1939 Gibson EH-185
    Vintage '47 VA-185G (modeled after the EH-185)
    Vintage '47 "Big 185" Prototype (larger transformer, KT88 power tubes)
    AER Compact 60/3
    Quilter 101 Mini / Vintage '47 cab / Lil' Texas speaker

    Oh and there's a bunch of stuff in the garage, most of which I should probably sell or get rid of:
    1936-1937 Gibson EH-150 (10" spkr, square cab) - functional, but really deserves a nice restoration
    1946 Gibson BR-6 - great, but I've got three amps I'd bring to a gig first.
    1950's Oahu - 10" field coil; octal tubes - again, great, but the various 185's really take care of my needs.
    Late 90's Peavey Classic 30 - I might have brought this to "loud" gigs, but now that I have the Quilter rig, I'd rather bring that.
    Mid 90's Marshall Valvestate 8040 - because my folks wanted to clean out their garage. Ha!

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    Your collection of amps seems to be as exquisite as that of your archtops! Octal lover eh?

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    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-img_20200130_122421-jpg

    I have one Evans AH200 head ( endorsing them since 2001 )
    I also have these extremely light Flite Sound Speakers ( 4X4.5 inch )

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    • Super Reverb (Original and old but has the voice of angels)
    • Princeton Reverb (reissue. so much fun)
    • George Benson HRDIII (nice but seldom used)

    • SV20c w SV212 cab (junior version of my old 1959 SLP—simply amazing)
    • Origin50h w 1969b cab (legit cheap thrills)
    • DSL40CR (can handle pretty much anything)

    • Cube 80gx (dumped my Polytone MBIV years ago for this gem. No regrets. Way better.)

    • THR10II (best practice rig ever)

    So, eight.

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    SV20c w SV212 cab
    Ever played the SV20c in a jazz setting? Thinking Wayne Krantz, Adam Rogers Dice type of sounds with breakup or more drive. Must be great for that. I've missed owning a Marshall and I'm considering buying the SV20 combo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alter
    Ever played the SV20c in a jazz setting? Thinking Wayne Krantz, Adam Rogers Dice type of sounds with breakup or more drive. Must be great for that. I've missed owning a Marshall and I'm considering buying the SV20 combo.
    Surprisingly, with the inputs jumpered and both volumes below 4, I can get really good jazz tone. Treble vol on 1or 2, Normal on 4. Bass on about 4, middle on 6, treble and presence low. With my Les Paul I can get anything from jazz to rock or blues. The SV20 is glorious. Best amp I have in terms of letting the guitar’s volume control dictate everything. So nuanced.

    Edit: With my L-5 I use the Normal Input And set everything straight up. Except volume of course. can’t go much above 2 or its too distorted.

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-b70efdbf-e703-4a4f-bb3c-99cdd71b46a6-jpegHow Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-6448168f-1d19-4f3c-aa17-557f2297410e-jpeg
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    I’m mostly an at-home acoustic player just starting to learn jazz. I have two amps:

    Marshal AS100D
    Roland Cube 90

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    Schroeder D9
    Clarus SLR
    Evans AH 200
    DV Mark Little GH 250 Tube

    64 Fender Princeton
    Fender Blues Jr.
    Roland JC 120

    Raezers Edge Twin 8
    Raezers Edge Twin 6
    Two Rock 2 x 12

    Clarus paired with both Raezers Edge cab’s used daily. My “go to” set up w/ arch tops for years
    JC 120 used with Strat for weekly rehearsals and Sunday church performances - Served me well for years.
    DV Mark head paired with Two Rock cab (now being used in lieu of JC 120)
    ’64 Princeton or Blues Jr. used occasionally for jams
    Schroeder D9 with Two Rock 2 x 12 used for large venues - Glorious
    Evans AH 200 not used often enough. Very versatile.


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    Quote Originally Posted by arielcee

    Yamaha G50ii 112.

    I'd like to get a DV mark lj 112 tho.
    I had a Yamaha G50. Very well designed amp with good cleans and a surprising ‘dirty’ channel. Wish I hadn’t sold it....

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    I really like several Victorias and Louis Electrics. With a few exceptions the Victorias are generally more tweed oriented and the Louis Electrics lean more in the blackface direction. But both can also go the other direction. Louis Electric also has some British influenced designs. But amps from either maker will have tone to the bone.

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    3 amps.

    a very modified ‘76 Champ that now has a 250k mid pot that can take it from stock to over the top. It gets a great Kenny Burrell tone when the mids are all in and the volume is on 3, very tweed like. Mostly I use it for brewery gigs playing Allman Brothers covers but it gets some Jazz time too.

    Tungsten Creamawheat with a 15” Eminence Legend, what an amp, killer cleans and turn the nobs to high noon and it is just dreamy

    1962 Concert (brownface), no mods, doesn’t need them. It is clean and loud but can also be cranked for some earth shaking rock and roll.

    I use the concert the least, it is reserved for outdoor loud gigs playing Derek and Dominoes, Allman B. Etc... to big, heavy and loud for Jazz gigs.

    The Tungsten is used, for rock primarily but it does see some jazz too. It is almost too loud at times to get a warm tone.

    The Champ is the most used, I play smaller venues mostly and 5 tube watts is all that is ever needed. It is very versatile and can go from warm to mean. It has a 12” M75 Scumback speaker and the tone caps are now Marshall values so it is never harsh on the top and doesn’t get muddy and farty on the bottom.

    Lately I’ve been playing acoustic Gypsy jazz so no amps needed.

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    Ideally 3 amps to cover all situations:
    Champ, Princeton Reverb, Deluxe Reverb

    Small restaurant gigs: Champ.
    Small with light drummer: Princeton
    Larger: Deluxe Reverb
    Even larger: Deluxe Reverb + Princeton
    Larger+ : Deluxe Reverb + Princeton + Champ.
    Larger++: Champ and mic.

    Modular design.

    I have 2 of them. I've never done gigs that required being louder than DR can get.

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    I try to stay lean on amps and have each one I own serve a purpose without much cross over.

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-unnamed-jpg

    - 1963 Fender Tremolux: Doesn't leave the guitar room much except for a choice gig once a year or so. Amazing, legit blackface tones.

    - Carr Sportsman: Literally just arrived today, just put up a NAD post. This will hopefully become my all-arounder for gigs.

    - Fender Deluxe Reverb Resissue: Was my gig go-to. If I am sold on the Carr this will probably be sold and moving on

    - DV Mark Little Jazz: (not pictured) Grab and go for jam sessions, rehearsals, back up amp for big gigs

    - Fender Tweed Pro Jr.: Living room practice amp, occasionally grab and go like the Little Jazz
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    In order of use:

    Carr Rambler - does everything I need it to very well.
    Boss Katana 100w - does everything I need it to well enough
    1957 Fender Princeton - one trick pony but it nails that trick!
    Victoria Double Deluxe - a similar, louder, one trick pony that takes pedals very well
    AER Compact 60 - not playing acoustic so much these days

    I would part with everything apart from the Rambler. It's just so good.

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    I have 4. I have a Chinese tube amp made by Monoprice, it's a 15 watt Stage Right, I'm happy this question came up as I just realized it's been on for around a week, glad I was able to turn it off! I have a Roland Cube 30 and a Vintage 1970's MIJ 25 watt Unicord Amp and then I have one of them little amps that's made by Marshall, runs off a 9 volt battery, comes in handy. I only play small gigs right now so the Roland Cube is perfect for me!