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    In #369 above I said none, but I was looking. However, as of Tuesday I now have one, a GA-20. I sold my previous amp in 1982, so for 41-years there has been no amp hanging around our house. Had to buy a cord off Amazon before I could try it out, but it does “work”. Kind of a low, soft background noise that I have to look into.

    It has a serial number so I need to hunt down the year it was made. Would interesting if it is the same year as my 1952 L-5C?


    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-285daceb-6056-4b0f-87e5-42e938474965-jpeg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I'm at about 35. Most of them were acquired 10 to 25 years ago when they were lesser known and cheaper than now. There's also another 8 or 10 speaker cabinets.

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    I've got three.

    1) Jazz Reverb Dual Master 150 by Sonic Guitars
    2) Polytone Mega Brute
    3) DV Mark Little Jazz

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-img_0470-jpg
    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-img_0469-jpg
    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-img_0471-jpg

    P.S. Sonic Guitars is a Forum member

    Jazzreverb 150 Deluxe Guitar Amp

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    I have a boss katana 50 which I did nearly all my learning on and love. And now a 68 custom deluxe reverb which I’m honesty underwhelmed by, maybe I was just expecting to sound better but I don’t know.

    Might trade towards a Princeton so I can take to a friends house easier or the 65 deluxe reverb which may be more of what I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumpnblues View Post
    I've owned two Louis Electric amps. They were both outstanding. About 15 years ago I got into bluegrass music and ended up selling all my electric stuff. I got back into jazz and blues a couple years ago and picked up a Fender Tone Master Deluxe. I really like it. It's my first SS amp since the early '70s. Great amp for home or gigging. I'll bet your Columbia sounds killer.
    There's another thread in here- I want to hear how you went un-electric, then returned from bluegrass!

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    victoria 35210
    dr z Carmen Ghia

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    Currently, the only amp I use is a DV Mark Little Jazz. I am very happy with it. It doesn't do anything magical, but it's real easy to set up for a nice, clean jazz sound, and it's super portable. Despite its size it can go quite loud as well, if needed.

    I have a few amps that are stowed away. A Marshall DSL 401 from my younger days, an 80s cream-colored Roland Cube, and a small Kustom practice amp. None of them see any use from me anymore.

    For a good decade I had a Fuchs ODS 30 that I got in high school. It was dependable and I gigged with it. But with time I stopped bonding with the sound. Something about the mids. It also has too many options for my current tastes, with time I gravitate more toward simplicity: set it and forget it. And the head/cab thing is not the most practical setup either. So I ended up recently selling it.

    I've been GASing hard for a Carr Sportsman to replace it, but I'm having a hard time justifying that I need it, since I don't really gig anymore.

    I also recently tried a Victory V40 which was lovely. But again the head/cab setup is a bit impractical.

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    3, or 5 if we count pedal amps.
    1. Amplified Nation Overdrive Reverb my tube amp, head and 12" cabinet
    2. Fender Tonemaster Twin Reverb primarily for keyboard
    3. Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb, my carry out guitar amp
    4. UAFX "Dream" a Deluxe Reverb pedal
    5. UAFX "Woodrow" 55 Fender Tweed pedal

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    Trace Elliott Elf
    GK MB 200
    Two cabinets, 1-8" and 2-8", both with Eminence Beta woofers.
    Analogman King of Tone for overdrive,

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    Down to 2 now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stratology View Post
    Wow, interesting, I used to own one of those until not too long ago, good amp, basically a copy of a Mark 1 Boogie.
    I currently own: Kemper Profiler Fender 57 Tweed Twin RI Fender Blues Deluxe. The Kemper is the only one I use right now. I profiled the Acoustic before selling it. I also profiled the Tweed Twin - fantastic amp - before putting it up for sale.
    Hi! What do you mean by "profiled" ?

    Cheers - Avery Roberts

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    I lost count .

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    Uh one, uh two, uh three ...

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    Only one -- for now. DV Mark Little Jazz

    I miss my Mambo amp!
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    Well, the Victoria 518 champ is unfortunately gone, it was an all around great amp, but just a tad too broken for jazz at gig volumes (i played quite a few drumless gigs with it). If i was playing more blues gigs it would have been a forever keeper, but for my uses i prefer the Fender Pro Junior IV. Sold it to the right musician also!

    So the champ is gone, and a Marshall JCM800 studio classic head is coming to replace it, just in time for my new fusion project!!