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    Does anyone here own or have owned one of these? I looked at some back posts and saw a couple, but haven't seen those members post in a little while. Very curious about them and put an ISO for one. I have a Peerless Broadway and like it fine, but love the thought of a nicer one. I've read about the Elitist versions of the Broadway, but not looking at those. Something about that dark Sunburst I dig.


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    There's a thread on these from 2014. No personal experience, but coming from Matsumoku and Terada, with L-5 level appointments, they must be fine axes. There's about 50 guitar shops in Tokyo in a very confined area. Try googling "Tokyo guitar shops" and you'll be amazed. While much is "lost in translation", the websites of Ishibashi, Walkin and others are worth looking at. I believe these models were made for the Japanese market only.

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    I have a blonde Emperor F, mine's an '83.

    It's my go-to archtop for gigging. They look kind of like an L-5 but they're really more like an ES-350 in that they're laminated instead of carved. A lot of people think they're carved, but I'm almost certain they're all laminated.

    What I really love is that they made it from thinner/lighter laminates. It's not as dead sounding as a modern ES-175 for example. It's more like Gibsons laminated archtops of the 50s and 60s in that regard, sweeter and airier sounding. A few people on the forum have the Aria branded version the "PE-180" - it's basically the same guitar but cosmetically different.

    Epiphone Emperor F or T?-epi-copy-png

    This is mine - I've got a set of HB sized Dynasonics in it. The original humbuckers are wonderful though - I'm just partial to the sound of large bobbin single coils.

    I can't comment on the Emperor T however I suspect they're more like a long scale bigger bodied ES-335 in that they have a centre block etc.