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    Bummer. Contrary to what I had hoped, it seems I won't be able to access any more interesting information on the 1960 blonde L5. My conclusion is that is undoubtedly the guitar with which Wes' is portrayed on the cover of the "Wes and Friends" albums and possibly on "Full House" and "Boss Guitar" too but there is no real evidence for that right now. If Wes played or even owned this guitar remains a mystery for now. Did he use it on "Full House" as the cover of that album suggests? Or maybe on "Boss Guitar?" Or was only used for the photo's? Maybe someone else can shed some light on the subject. But it IS the guitar Wes is holding on the cover of at least one album. That I am sure of.

    I do have another short clip of the guitar.


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    Regardless of how much contact Wes had with that guitar, it sounds like a superb example of a Gibson archtop. Thanks for posting!

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    That's an interesting question and one I've always wondered as I've never seen a live shot of him playing that guitar. He's playing a sunburst model on the back cover of Full House which is a live shot from the club.
    It's just record cover pics that the blonde appears on from what I can see.
    btw DB what kind of amp are you playing it through? that reverb, whew!

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    the fact that there's no wear or any kind of "guard" where he pivoted his right hand fingers while thumbing had me wondering as well


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    Guitars like this are the stuff dreams are made of
    its a gorgeous piece

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    That L5 sounds HUGE! Nice work on "Misty", too.

    Looks like another shot of Wes caressing that beautiful instrument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neatomic
    the fact that there's no wear or any kind of "guard" where he pivoted his right hand fingers while thumbing had me wondering as well

    never seen that pic before!

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    I'm starting to think he never owned the guitar at all, just used for publicity stills.
    Still, the one DB played is certainly the one in those shots.
    But a '60 L-5CESN is something to get excited about regardless...

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    Has there ever been a more joyful-looking jazz musician than Wes Montgomery? It just radiates from him every time you see a picture of him holding a guitar.

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    No, excellent point and a beautiful thing, his smile was as authentic as his playing.
    His peers always said so, he was universally loved and as unpretentious as they come.
    Had a relatively short career as a major artist, what about 10 yrs or so?
    There are always going to be great players popping up but will there ever be someone quite like him? Can never say for certain, there are many wonderful players but that guy just seemed to be a true original, a beacon in jazz guitar, much like his idol, Christian and Django...

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    Wes gave me a lantern and showed me the path. I am forever grateful.

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    Yeah SS, there are so many that I dig and even more that I respect, but Wes was IT as far as I'm concerned, they kinda all point to him as they did Christian before him.