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    Hi guys,

    I'm left with a difficult decision on would like your input. I have two options on the table, one is Henriksen JazzAmp 312 in like-new condition. Another is a Henriksen 110(reverb no tweeter) in okay condition some wear and tear marks over it. Both are the same price. I'm just afraid that the 312 will have too much bass and be hard to carry to gigs due to weight and size. I'm mainly looking for a gigging amp.
    However, the 312 is barely used and is a newer model with more power? How does the sound compare because I won't be able to try the amps. I'm playing a 1980 Gibson ES-175D. I don't really know what to expect with the 312 in terms of sound. Which one would you go for?



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    Just my opinion of course, but I strongly urge you to get the 312.

    I had a 110 (reverb, no tweeter) and a 112 (reverb, no tweeter) for a long time.
    Kept the 112, sold the 110, bought a Bud!

    The 112 has deeper, clearer bass, and it sounds more open and 3 dimensional as well. It's not that heavy, but it is much deeper and therefore bulkier to carry than the 110. It sounds dead solid perfect with my archtop (Eastman AR403CE), but I like it better than the 110 with everything I run through it - electric guitars, electroacoustic guitars, electric ukulele; it even sounds good with a bass at reasonable volumes. With guitar, it produces effortless volume for any situation - not so with the 110.

    The bottom E string sounds like a good grand piano. Even the low E is very clear - no mud, as it were. I think it's due to the bigger speaker and the deeper cabinet. In addition to being subjectively deeper, it also has more bass, but you can easily attenuate it with the EQ as necessary. I use an 'AmpWedge' with it, too, to tilt it up slightly - seems to smooth out the low end in a subtle way.

    Others may disagree (including Peter Henriksen), but to my ears the 112 (and hence, the 312) sounds noticeably better in any context.