Hey guys, This is a great tool for transcription or for using a play-along program like iReal pro. I frequently need to use headphones to practice, and I was not satisfied with iRig as an option because it was impossible to control the volume of the guitar and the play long track independently and get a good mix using just my iPhone to run both AmpliTube and iReal Pro. It’s impossible to get a usable balance between the guitar and the backing track. But, I picked up the iRig Mix for about $100 and it works perfectly! It’s designed to mix small DJ rigs, but you can input a guitar using AmpliTube through an iPhone (I like the Twin Reverb sample) and also input iReal Pro separately on another device, in my case, I use my iPad. Both inputs have separate channels and therefore the volume, EQ, and balance can be controlled independently. Here’s the link:

IK Multimedia - iRig Mix