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    I scored a 1978 Yamaha SG2000 about a year ago for $400. It has the original pickup in The neck but has a bill Lawrence in the bridge. I’m not a tweaker, but it bugs me that they are different pickups.

    I’m generally a single-coil player and for reference, I love my Kay pancake pickup, my godin p-90 on my 5th ave and my tele Duncan quarter pounders (no cheese) the best. I every so often dime my 1970s vibrochamp and the Lawrence pickup sounds like heaven above, but that’s 1% of my playing- I mainly play live experimental music with a clean tone.

    so in certain ways I should follow my nature and don’t change a thing, but I really like this guitar- it plays great and has a great neck, but I miss the crispness of my single coils.

    I’ve been looking at humbucker-sized p-90s, but I’m not sure how that would translate with a neck-through maple-topped boat anchor.

    any thoughts and/or suggestions?

    given that I got the guitar for such a deal, I’m not opposed to getting Lollar or equally expensive pickups- I could even sell the original pickup and the Bill Lawrence pickup to off-set the pickup price.

    the humbucker- sized p-90s are calling out to me.

    what ch’all think? Any experience putting in p-90s into a les Paul type solid body?


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    Actually, soapbar p90s are the classic sound of a vintage les paul, so go for it, should sound great.

    Dream 90 Humbucker SIzed P90 - Black on Black

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    If you like the way it sounds now, you may regret changing it later. Iirc the SGs had coil splitting, no? At least my SG1000 did...

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    Thanks for the suggestion- I’ve read good things about the dream and mean 90s.

    the later sgs had coil taps. Mine does not.

    i like the sound solo- very fat and warm, but in a band situation, it’s too muddy and doesn’t cut. If I were a rock player or in a zep cover band, the Lawrence in the bridge would rule.

    thanks for the comments and suggestions.