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    Per several members suggestions here, I did try a set of NW Elixir 80/20, on my acoustic L-7. Not bad at all.....

    So, what's the difference going to be between them and a set of NW Phos. Bronze ? Is the string noise and pick chirp about equal ?

    Thanks in advance and I appreciate the suggestions.


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    PB's are brighter for longer.

    I prefer 80/20's. They start out brighter and shriller than PB, but after some hours of hard play (even with coated strings) they mellow out in a way that PB never does to my ear.
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    I also prefer the 80/20 strings for archtops. Regarding string noise, they are equal. The 80/20 cost less, which is nice too.
    You could also try their electric guitar strings for an acoustic archtop. I like the sound and you can use a pickup like a rhythm chief or a krivo.