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    Someone in my area is selling a Roland Cube 80x from 2009 and I'm considering buying it. I've played a Cube 60 that was made in 2015 and it sounded pretty great to me. But I'm wondering if maybe the technology on the Cubes was very different back in 2009. Mostly I will be using the JC clean setting so whether or not that would sound different from the later Cubes is my main concern.

    Thanks for any tips.


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    Roland made three different 80 watt Cube amps...the 80x, 80XL or 80GX. All are great little grab n go amps.

    Roland made slight improvements in each iteration of the series, most notably in their COSM circuitry. One of the more obvious differences in these amps is that the last version (80GX) did NOT have an extension speaker out. I own an 80GX and wish it had the speaker out so I could connect it to an extension cab. I mostly use the JC Clean patch, but there are others that sound great as well.

    Do a search on all three of these and it should help you decide if the 80X you are considering is the best for you. Good hunting!

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    I believe the Cube 80x is newer technology and was the replacement for the Cube 60.

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    You're right! I'm either remembering the "60" part wrong or I am wrong about the year the amp was made. Oh well.

    In any case, I hear so much blanket praise heaped on these amps, but surely the Cubes made in 2004 must be radically different sounding (inferior?) to the GX Cubes made a decade later? The technology must have radically changed over the decade. I wonder if its even worth seeking one out that was made before 2013 or so when the GX series was in production.
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    I used the Cube 60 a lot before starting to build my own cabs. There's still one as shareware in the practice room, and a Cube 40 I sold eons ago to an accordionist is still going strong. They never die. I remember trying the 80 when it was introduced but found no reason to switch. Others have already commented on the various 80 versions. I just don't think the newer ones should a priori sound radically different when played clean.

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    OK. Thanks for the tip!

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    I don’t know the 80x, but I very briefly owned an XL. Beware the built in non adjustable noise gate. It has to be there for the very distorted high gain models. However when playing clean at practice volumes, if you are in a noisy room, be prepared for every note to float on a pillow of noise. Very noticeable. Deal breaker. Mine was gone within a week.

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    Depending how much it costs might be worth it. I had one a couple years back and it worked just fine for most gigs.
    But things have improved and you might want to look at their Katana 100 1x12" combo used. Might not be much more $.