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    New String Day for my Epi Emperor Regent

    Replaced the old TI strings with a new set of the same, JS111 (.011 flatwounds). The new set came with the gold B and E strings.
    This new set was markedly better than the older set which I had on the guitar as they were purchased about ten years ago when I bought a pack of twelve sets. No, they were not on the guitar tens years, they were played lightly for about a year before I replaced them. Well the new batch I just bought have different packaging and more importantly much better tone and volume. Apparently Tomastik has been doing their home work and improving their strings. At any rate I'm well pleased.



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    Thomastik definitely make wonderful strings. But after trying the new D'Addario N.Y. 12-52 on my Elferink Tonemaster archtop, I'm switching to them.
    Half the price or less, and perform just about as well for me..

    Maybe if I win the lottery I'll go back to Thomastik