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    Hi fellow members,

    I need help identifying an acoustic archtop. The seller told me his grandfather bought it in Germany in 1960 or 61.
    Also what do you think how much money you would spend for it. I have only images shot by the seller and have not played the guitar.
    Seller is living in my hometown, but before I will go there testing the guitar, I hope to get some informations from the professionals.

    Need help identifying an acoustic archtop-01-jpgNeed help identifying an acoustic archtop-02-jpgNeed help identifying an acoustic archtop-03-jpgNeed help identifying an acoustic archtop-04-jpgNeed help identifying an acoustic archtop-07-jpgNeed help identifying an acoustic archtop-06-jpgNeed help identifying an acoustic archtop-05-jpg

    Any support appreciated,

    thx Musgo Real
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    In the meantime the guitar was sold...

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    just as well...looks like it had a headstock break..perhaps why the front headstock plate is covered in mots


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    From the photos, being sold to someone else is probably for the best.

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    Quick first impression is that it's from the early 1950s , most likely Czech, made in Luby u Chebu (known as Schoenbach prior to the end of WWII), in the old Hofner factory. That facility was taken over by Brauer after the war.

    On further thought, I agree that it could be pre-war as per alteklampfe's post below, and I don't think it is a Markneukirchen-made guitar.
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    I am pretty sure: prewar / late 30ies. Most likely made ein Schönbach (look at the tuners...).
    Laminate body. So nothing to write home about.