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    This arrived about 10 days ago. It took forever to get this from Ireland to Mexico and into my hands (and it will take even longer for the second guitar that I have on order) but it's turning out to be worth the wait.

    The guitar is an all carbon fibre Emerald X7 with both an LR Baggs Element Active System acoustic pickup and a Krivo mini-humbucker. With the Krivo, I think it sounds like a really nice archtop.

    It's basically a cross between a parlor guitar and a travel guitar. It's only 34 inches long with a 24" scale length and only 12 frets to the neck. BUT ... it has an incredibly cleaver scoop in the neck joint giving really easy access up to about the 15th or 16th fret.

    My hope for this guitar was that when I played through the Krivo it would sound pretty much like an archtop. I'll let you decide how close I'm getting.

    Here's a short video followed by a few photos.

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    Sweet, just saw Mary Spender reviewing one of these. Don’t think it had the pickup though.

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    The pickup (along with moving the tone control to the humbucker instead of the acoustic system) was a custom order. They were offering the Krivo on all their other guitars though so was not a big deal for them to accommodate me.
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    I'm not sure it sounds very like an archtop, but it does sound good. It should make it through the Guadalajara climate. BTW, is that a very young Jim Soloway in the framed photo on the wall?

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    You both sound good.Congratulations!

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    Actually a very middle aged Jim Soloway on the wall complete with pony tail and a Kirk Sand hybrid guitar.
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    Beautiful sounds, sweet playing ... a joy to hear.

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    Jim I am going to be honest and hope you don't mind but does not sound like an arcthop to my ears. It could be the amp but it was way to bright for me and while crystal clear in tone just not round enough.
    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?

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    I never mind the truth. I've got lots of time to play with it though and between the amp, the guitar, the pickup and me, there's a fair range of what I can get out of it. But really, as long as it sounds good, I'm not too worried about what box it checks. Most important to me, after I did my setup on it, it PLAYS like an electric ... or more specifically, it plays like MY electrics with light strings, low tension and low action. As long as I get that, I can adapt.
    My CD "Bare Handed" is available as a download at

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    Jim ,
    It sounds nice - and very similar to your other You -Tube videos with various guitars.
    The most important thing is how it plays and feels to you. Thanks for sharing.

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    Jim,Sounds and looks great. Nice "When Sonny Gets Blue," too. Funny, I was humming that on the morning commute today.

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    I used to have a RainSong fiber flat top. I can hear the same pureness of tone, different harmonics?, that I have come to associate with Carbon Fiber guitars.

    That is a beautiful instrument that satisfies eye and ear.

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    One of my students turned up with an Emerald ukulele. I have to say I thought it was beautifully made, but sounded awful. This, by contrast, sounds beautiful. Well done, Jim, you've changed my mind about the company. Nice playing too - as ever.

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    Lovely playing, Jim! Congratulations, and play it in good health!
    Best regards, k