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    Hey all,

    After nearly 30 years of playing strats and 335s I decided to go for a hollow body guitar. I have been checking my local second-hand market scene and a PM2-AA came up that I anxiously tried yesterday.

    I was really expecting to be blown away and to immediately fall in love with it (some exceptional youtube demos have appeared from some of you here) but I didn't... What really made an impression was the tone knob, does anyone know the type/ make? I would be interested to see how it might work on a different guitar. I am thinking about modding a ES-335 as a more jazzier alternative.

    As a side note here, I will put down my review of the PM2-AA. It certainly does not fair great as an acoustic instrument, as quite a few have noted here. Also, I was expecting a bit more sustain but that could be me being used to solid bodies. It goes without saying that it has a good jazz tone is great when plugged in to an amp and it seems brilliant as a starting instrument but overall just a bit dull.


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    The tone and volume pots in those guitars are probably 500K ohm audio taper standard pots. I think what you're hearing is the resonance of the guitar, plus the resonant peak of the pickup interacting with the controls, capacitance of the cable and input load of the amp- rather than specifically the tone pot. The capacitor in that guitar could be .022, .033 or .047. The electronic circuit may in fact be very similar to that of the neck pickup of your ES 335, the difference being the frequencies that the hollow archtop body emphasizes versus the semi hollow body of your guitar. Have you ever noticed that with as you roll the tone knob back on your guitar, you reach a point where suddenly there's an abrupt transition to a muffled tone? That's where the resident peak of the pickup is; as you pass that, the highs then roll down very quickly. You can shift that resonant peak higher (brighter, clearer) or lower (darker, thicker) by changing the value of the capacitor (contrary to popular myth, the type of cap makes no difference to tone- all the signal going through the cap is sent to ground and never heard).
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    There are a few ways of wiring a tone control, and they make it react differently. I have no idea how they're wired on a PM2. I don't think the Fender scheme sounds all that good, at least to me. FWIW, I don't think much of the Gibson wiring scheme either. Those are probably bog-standard 500K ohm pots, almost always used with humbuckers. Gibson used to use 300K pots which cause a much darker sound and less difference between full open and closed, but I think changed to 500K somewhere along the line.