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    Hi everybody!

    I am getting my first archtop built and I am really trying to figure out if getting a small soundblock under the bridge is a good idea.

    The guitar is built in Europe by luthier Elferink, it will be a spruce top x braced with one built in humbucker pickup. At first Elferink wasn't considering putting a "floating sound block", but by asking questions he suggested to put a floating soundblock under the bridge

    for me pros to getting one are: less feedback and maybe a more centered sound that will probably help me stand out in the mix easily. But maybe I am wrong. And the cons are probably less projection and maybe a colder tone if that makes sense...

    What do you think and what are your experiences with soundblocks? Is it a tone killer?

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    I'd say listen to Franz on this one since he's the expert and has experience with this. There is no right or wrong, Just different ways of achieving a tone you want.