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    Anybody tried a set of D'Addario ECG26 Chromes Flatwound--13-56 on an acoustic archtop with no pickup? Good acoustic sound--long lasting string?
    My style of playing is rhythm--solid 4-in-the-bar Freddie Green / Gypsy style.


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    Generally miss the volume/cut with flats on a purely acoustic archtop-- if I need volume and cut.

    For a pleasant, mellow sound, flats sound fine. But if I was playing rhythm guitar in a swing group, I'd get the rounds back on there. 80/20's for me, please.
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    I agree with the rounds. Flats are fine for an amplified archtop for some, but for acoustic rhythm I think rounds are far better. I like monel strings, because the bronze are just too bright and tinny for me, but it's mostly taste. The chromes might be fine for the OP, because his taste isn't mine, but I don't like flats on an acoustic guitar at all. They don't cut, and don't have the volume I want.

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    Every set of flats I've heard on acoustic archtop have seemed to massively neuter the acoustic tone ,volume and projection. If you're playing acoustic 4-to-the-bar rhythm or django, flatwounds would be a terrible idea.

    Sorry to be less polite than other folks, but there's no point in mincing words.

    You want 80/20 or 85/15 bronze strings, or perhaps monel.
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