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    Is the Eminence Cannabis Rex 12" in an open back cabinet enough speaker for the Quilter 101R ? Both rated 50 watts but I'm notorious for running 300 watt speakers with 50 watt amps - just want to be safe, I guess.


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    That's safe, but it will cut the volume somewhat. IMO a speaker rated at 50 watts is usually safe with a 50 watt amp. The rated output of amps tends to be optimistic, while the speaker rating tends to be a little pessimistic. You won't get 50 watts out until the volume is at 100%, if then.

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    Feel safe. If the speaker is 8 ohms, no danger. But if you are wandering in Eminencedom, give a try to Lil'Texas. Neo for light weight, 125 W rating. A grossly overlooked speaker IMHO.