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    Hi Everyone,
    First post/question but have been reading for a while.
    A bit of background, I've played guitar 30+ years. Studied Classical on a college level for three years and played in blues bands for several years after college.
    Studied with Jimmy B's online course back when it started. But after a long drought of no practice or playing, I sold my "jazz guitars" and haven't played for a bit.
    Recently got the bug and have been working with a friend that plays piano. working up standards etc. I've got some G.A.S. but don't want to spend a ton on a jazz box right now.

    Walked into a local store to get strings and found this Crestwood Archtop. I'm assuming it's a MIJ guitar from the 70's but don't really know.
    I've just about broken a finger searching online for info and haven't found much abut this guitar or Crestwood in general.

    Plays like butter and sounds like most laminated guitars acoustically. Plugged in was really nice... like surprisingly nice.

    odd things: Nameplate not centered on the head stock, PU switch in lower bout (not used to seeing that), the tail piece looks off like maybe it's not original? Could be completely wrong but something seemed "after market" to me.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to joining you more often!

    Past guitars include: 3 Heritage Guitars, Eastman El Rey and a Benedetto Bambino


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    The pics are not displaying.
    I don’t know anything about Crestwoods. I’m just here for the pics. Like an old guy’s Playboy.

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    Hi - welcome to the site!
    Yeah, the pics aren't showing right now. In general, if you like how a guitar plays/feels and sounds, and it's selling for a good price, grab it.

    Doing a quick search on "Crestwood Guitars," they appear to budget instruments, from $100-400, so it's not like an after-market mod is going to change the value in a negative way ..


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    Crestwood Question-20190913_145432-jpgCrestwood Question-20190913_145446-jpg

    Hope these pics come through.
    Sorry, can't seem to flip to the correct orientation.

    Just was curious to learn more about the MIJ guitars in case anyone had run across something similar.

    I really appreciate the feedback

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    The guitar resembles much the style of the former Univox Artist archtops, maybe made by Matsumoku.
    It could be that Crestwood, like Univox, was just another musical brand of Unicord Corporation. A web research could find out. Good luck!

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    Thanks Ol' Fret!
    Your suggestion led me down the univox path. While I didn't find any hollow archtops, I did find some semi s with similar fretboard inlay design.
    Also read somewhere that Guyatone badged Crestwood guitars. Just thinking how crazy that time, in Japan, was when making copies of these were coming from different factories with different names etc. And here is a guitar that has been around for 40+ years that held up and still plays great!