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    I just discovered this amp, and it really sounds great! The 15 watt version has two channels, with channel one simply bypassing the preamp and using only volume, tone, master volume, and reverb. Channel two adds a three band EQ, and there is a dial to switch from an American sound to a more British sound, and any combination in between. This amp uses two 6L6 tubes for the power section, and I believe it is hand wired. The 30 watt version is 2x12, and 1x12 for the 15 watt version. The speaker is a Celestion V Type, and it sounds very good! As for the weight, I believe it is 18kg, which is roughly in the ballpark of a Fender Mustang III (dimensionally as well). It is available in blonde from Sweetwater for $720

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    Any experience out here with this amp?


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    Correction: the Artisan series is hand wired, but the Artist series has a board for each of the panels, front and back. What sounds interesting is the that single coils on channel one are supposed to stay clean to max volume, and humbuckers to nearly max volume.