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    D'Addario ECG6 Chromes Flat Wound Medium 13-56 v Thomastik Nickel Flat Wound JS113 13-53.

    Have you tried both sets on a 335? Which do you prefer? Does the D'Addario set have more 'body / depth' to the sound?


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    Sorry, I haven't. I don't go that heavy on my 355, I use Dean Markley 10s, or occasionally D'Addario NYXL 10s. I do use Thomastik 13s on my WesMo though.
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    My 339 sounds perfect (to me, and with my poor playing ability) with D'A ECG 25. I don't feel the need to go higher in gauge with this guitar. But I love the flats on it.
    Beside, I have a Korean made 335 ersatz that I string with roundwounds to complement.(11 gauge)

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    11 to 50 roundwounds brand not so important but Ernie Ball would be 1st

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    I have an ES-325, I also don't go as heavy as 13s. I'll second the D'Addario NYXL .010-.046.

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    Running D'Addario ECG24s on one 335, and TI JS111s on another. The DA's are a tad beefier at the bottom. The jury is still out but I'm leaning toward the DA's for my 335s. I find there is less slippage than with TI's, probably due to me failing to wind them on correctly.

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    I run D'Addario Chromes 0.012s on my 345, which are remarkably similar to the FW strings it came from the factory (and me) with in the first place (under-the-bed case Queen). Nice feel, clear and fat, easy on the fingers and the frets.
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    I always liked D'Addario (mostly the chromes) but when I switched to TI Swings (I use .012 with a .013 high E) I really liked the softer feel of the TI's, D'Adarios feel much stiffer at the same thickness. Something to consider also maybe?
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    I haven't seen mention of Dunlop strings.
    I find them to be somewhat warmer and have a nice feel.
    However they only seem to make roundwounds.

    I'm using 10-46 Dunlops on my main guitar which is a Tele type Mike Stern signature model. So it's 25.5 scale.
    The neck pickup is a Duncan 59....sounds as fat as hell through a nice old Fender Concert.

    I also used Dunlops 10-46 on my now gone Howard Roberts Fusion 111....even fatter sound.

    At least strings are a cheap option to "customise" your instrument....those and the best pick choice for your taste
    can offer so much to experiment with.


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    I used to use D'Addario chromes on my ES until a jazz guitarist I respect told me to try rounds, specifically elixir. I put optiwebs on all my guitars now. I don't know why I ever thought flats were a good idea..!