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    Interesting looking guitar showed up this week at the shop. Replaced pickups. Light gauge round wound strings. I didn't find the tone very compelling... maybe if it had flats. Or maybe different pickups. Or maybe if the player had different ears.

    Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion-img_20190821_171843-jpg


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    Those pickups don’t look original.

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    They are Sadowsky pickups.

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    My HRF came with the 490 set I th8nk Gibson picked them perfectly for the git.


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    I replaced the 300K pots with 500K pots in my HR Fusion III. I like it better that way. However, this was way more difficult than the same procedure on an ES-335!

    Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion-hr-fusion-iii-pot-replacement-jpg

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    Ages ago I saw an HR like lcr's, above, same color too.

    Can not describe my longing for that object at a time before I'd ever owned a really decent guitar
    and couldn't buy anything, much less this.

    Sort of like the delicious pain of having a crush on a woman when you're already set with a good woman.

    I liked that Epi with the round sound-hole, too.

    Howard Roberts really was a 'dirty guitar player!' 'Durned galoot!

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    i had one that was a dud, it sounded fine, but the neck was a mess... if i could find a nice one, i'd try another