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    I bought this archtop recently from a local guy. He had no real history on it, but thought it had been to the USA at some time where he thought the art work lines were applied to it.

    It's a bit of a mystery for several reasons:

    1. Someone has erased something from the top of the headstock, I've shown the dull patch where the lettering was removed - why would anyone do that? The decal is a stick-on
    2. It has Gibson Deluxe machine heads.
    3. It has a Gretsch tailpiece.
    4. It has what look like Gibson Custombucker pickups.
    5. The pick up switch is in an unusual position, the only other guitars I've seen with the switch there are Epiphones.

    The artwork is signed and dated '09', but I can't figure out the signature.

    So what is this guitar? Any thoughts on its origins would be most welcome.
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    I read the signature as Tootall, as in "too tall". I have no idea who that is. The finish looks, from the photos, to be thick poly. From the bridge, it appears to be a semi-solid body. A look inside could easily determine that. As for what the original guitar was, I have no idea. It looks as if everything on it has been changed.

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    Yes, I go along with a 'Tootall' signature. Googled it, but nothing comes up. It's a hollow body for sure and I think you're right that just about everything on it is not original, but why? What was erased from the headstock? The main thing is that with Ernie Ball Regular 10s it plays really well, I love it, but it's frustrating not knowing its history.

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    I have recently seen a fake Gibson (allegedly from China) with very similar contours.

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    A kit guitar outfitted with parts that, though eclectic, are better than what came in the kit?

    Like this:
    - Lawson
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    That guitar is undoubtly of asian origin, most probably chinese, but seems to be well-made... with the exception of the very irregular position of the pots.
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    Some interesting thoughts, thanks.

    If it is a kit guitar then whoever has done it has done a really great job on it. But if it's a kit I don't think it would have had lettering on the headstock for someone to sand off.

    I don't really mind what it is to be honest, Chinese copy, kit guitar, whatever, I'm just curious about it.

    What matters is how it plays and how it sounds. It feels really good in the hands, it has a great action and plays and sounds really good so I'm happy with it.

    Thanks for your thoughts on it.