I got a new pedal! I've been eyeing up the Steel String for awhile now and finally found a good price on a B-stock. I wanted to share my first impression and a couple playing samples here. It took me a bit to figure out the subtleties of this pedal so feel free to skip to 9:30 when I figured out where it really shines. The first part of the video before that is just spent playing around and figuring out what the controls do.

The pedal has this really great kind of transparent compression to it - there's definitely a bit of drive and harmonic excitement happening here, but the main thing I'm noticing is that it just kind of refines my tone in a pleasing way. It's hard to describe and I definitely recommend wearing headphones if you're going to try and pick it out from a video. It's a subtle effect and think I have some more exploring to do before I come to a conclusion on what the heck it's actually doing. I think I like it so far.