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    Please, anyone know a good resource for jazz guitar cabinet design plans?
    I am willing build a small one, maybe 8" or 10" sealed. Something like the Raezer Edge line.
    Thank you!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Kevin O'Connor has a book on cabinets which I own and also read, but I never found the time (so far) for building my own. It's mostly about detuned cabinets which I always wanted to try...(but as a result the designs are quite big).

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    Cabinet plans-dsc_0106-2014_12_09-19_00_43-utc-jpgCabinet plans-dsc_0104-2014_12_09-19_00_43-utc-jpgCabinet plans-cab-jpg
    The drawing dimensions are correct the angle was cut after the cabinet was assembled.

    Tweeter was added. Covering is spray on truck bed liner.

    Above is the after and before of the redesigned frankenfender.

    Dimensions are not that critical. I designed the cabinet to be the smallest lightest as I could get it. It was built to fit the components I had.

    I like the sound I get with my es-175.
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    Open back dimensions are not critical. Sealed back ported cabinet dimensions are more important.