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    57 classics, I’m told.

    I’ve been playing my 339 more recently. I’m not completely sold on the pickups but before heading down that rabbit hole, I thought I’d ask if there were any opinions regarding these. My main complaint is a nasal top end. Maybe something sweeter?


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    Some people love them, and others don't - it's a common concern.
    Mine were muddy in the neck position, so, I went with a p/up that had an Alnico V magnet for more clarity, and that worked on my 345, plus giving a brighter top end. And yes the guitar itself seemed more nasal, compared to say, a P90 equipped guitar.

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    Up until the last couple of years ES-339 came stock with 57 Classics. I believe they changed to MHS humbuckers in the last few years.
    I have a 2011 model and replaced my Classic 57 with Manluis Fat Diane PAFs

    Although these Manluis Pickups are excellent, I thought the Classics were actually very good in this guitar. A bit hotter and more minds with the Classic 57's

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    When I bought a 339 a few years ago the studio had the 57’s and the non- studio had Burstbuckers. 2016 series I believe.

    I preferred the 57’s - by a lot, and saved a few dollars by buying the studio.

    Can’t speak to other years, I don’t know a Gibson as well as I know Fender, and I’m not an expert on Fender by any measure.

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    It depends on the year made what pups are in it, mine is a 2018 and it has MHS pickups, I'd rather they were 57's but the MHS are OK enough to work with.


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    I believe that I finally have the guitars that will satisfy me to no end. One of them is a Herb Ellis ES-165. It has a 490R pick up and I am liking it a lot. They can be had for not too much money, so it might be worth a try. Words are words, but I wouldn't say that it has a nasally top end. Sweet is a good description.

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    There really is no comparison between the two. The Gibson, IMO,is a instrument of higher quality. Not just with the Lennon model, but the DOVE & the HUMMINBIRD too.

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    To the OP: it could be the guitar. But, the SD Seth Lover p/ups are very very popular, not many unhappy reviews. players get a "sweeter" response - they are brighter. Haven't tried them myself tho.

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    i have the studio version and it's for sure 57s... i love the tone of this guitar
    have had tuning issues and after a setup, i need new tuners and a fret job
    for the price i paid, it's a freaking tone machine... i love the pickups, the neck and the sound

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    They vary. I've seen burstbuckers, Classic57s and MHS

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzucker View Post
    love the 339 pickups.

    Which pickups are those, Jack?

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    Mine (2011) has Classic '57s
    Lovely as is.
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    This is a guitar where the Classic 57 pickups work really well. Seth Lovers are also a really good choice as well. But I believe they are not wax potted,so occasionally you might run into feedback issues.
    But I've also had feedback issues with the cover not being tight enough. Pretty easy fix with a couple of drops of elmers glue and a piece of masking tape.