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    Any one tried them? Comparison to TI flats?



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    I have them on my 1934 L-7 and I like them a lot. They are rougher and less refined than the TI's,
    but they have a certain character and I have grown very fond of them.
    I got the 11-52 set and subbed a 12 & 16 for the top two strings and I plan to use that same set on the guitar.
    BTW, I put them on the L-7 maybe a year ago and they still sound just great.
    So I'm a fan.

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    "They are rougher and less refined than the TI's,"

    Do you mean sound wise, playability, or both? I usually play 12's with flat wound. Thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosko View Post
    "They are rougher and less refined than the TI's,"

    Do you mean sound wise, playability, or both? I usually play 12's with flat wound. Thx
    Both. Really you just have to try a set to see if you like them. Some will, some won't.

    FWIW, I have TI 12's on my 175, which work great on that guitar, but I am considering trying Chrome's on the 175 when the TI's are done -- which probably won't be for a couple of years LOL. I know the TI's are super popular on this Forum, but I don't think they are the perfect string for every guitar.

    On the old L-7, I think the Curt Mangans are a perfect fit somehow.

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    Not lots of fans of those strings in my neck of woods, I'm afraid.

    They're almost only sold in guitar shows at a heavy discount, and that's only because they can be had in bulk at heavy discount three or four times a year from the distributor.

    I'm a D'Addario guy in all strings but flatwounds, which I usually use either Galli or Dougal strings, whichever is cheapest at the time of purchase. TIs and La Bellas are just as good, but a lot more expensive, so I just don't consider'em.
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    I like them and use them regularly. I’ve never noticed any roughness, and they last a long time.

    But at $23 + shipping a set they aren’t cheap. You can get TI jazz flats for the same price from Amazon (with free shipping, if you are a Prime member).

    AFAIK you can only buy them directly from Curt Mangan. If I could buy them significantly cheaper from a distributor I would definitely buy more.

    @LtKojack: Who is the distributor who clears them out three or four times a year?

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    Mangans are made in Colorado and since I live in Kansas, they are a fairly popular string around here. (Rounds moreso than Flats)
    I stumbled across Mangan flats at a local shop. Pretty sure I only paid $13 for them.