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    Any of these better than the others for a jazz sound?


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bach5G View Post
    Any of these better than the others for a jazz sound?
    The best? Jack Webb, obviously:

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    A softer side of Joe Friday than I might have expected.

    So, second place?

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    The Polywebs' coating is too thick, and it gets sort of frayed after a while.
    Never tried the Optiwebs, but they don't come in a 12-52 set (see the next line in my post) anyway.
    I use the 12-52 Nanowebs on my archtop and the 11-49 Nanowebs (or sometimes 11-49 D'addario NY XLs) on my semi-hollow.
    I use the 12-53 80-20 bronze Nanowebs (or sometimes 12-54 Ernie Ball Earthwoods) on my flat-top acoustics.
    "Thanks, but you should have heard what I was trying to play!" - T. Monk

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    Better sounds, better look,

    Mrs. Webb, of course:

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    Sorry, I just could not resist.

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    1) I might seriously give those nanowebs a shot

    2) Didn't know till now that Julie London was married to Jack Webb (??!!)

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    I use optiwebs!!! On every guitar!!! I always kind of liked the nanowebs, but they never felt -as right- as the optiwebs do. The store I work at got a shipment before they were released and I took a few sets home, and never ever looked back. My Epiphone played better than my Gibson when I had optiwebs on the epi and my setup guy had put EB's on the gibson. Optiwebs kick ass!!!