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    im after a new amp or head and don't know if any of you guys are using these two. The acoustic image Clarus slr looks really nice but I'm not sure about the delay and reverb when combined as there seems to be no individual adjustment ie delay time and repeats. Here is a vid

    the vintage revolution acoustic box 2 looks nice but there is only one demo of a guy using an archtop and he blends a mic and pickup and says you won't get the same sound just using a humbucker here is a vid

    they are both around £700 so price wise pretty much the same but the acoustic box has separate controls for delay and reverb.
    ive been changing guitars and amps plus effects for years now. I think the best sound I had was with a d'aquisto New Yorker, fractal axe fx ii and polytone but I felt I was only using 3 sound on the axe fx so it was a bit wasted but the three sounds were awesome.
    without the axe fx I felt I missed the valve sound but have tried Mesa boogies and a couple of fenders but didn't think their weight cost and size were worth it.
    recently I've been using the Kingsley maiden valve preamp with an old acoustic image head with chorus, delay and reverb to try and emulate the setting I had on the axe fx. It's been great at small volumes but I'm using an l5 now and when I play at loud volumes such as festivals even with a pa, feedback causes me a lot of grief.
    that d'aquisto New Yorker had a floating pickup but never gave me feedback. I wonder if the polytone had anything to do with it?
    im considering a keeper but it really is about £500 more than I can afford. Anyway I thought I'd ask for some advice and see if anyone is using either of these amps. Cheers, Jonathan


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    I have a Clarus, and I like it a lot. It's a Series I, with neither reverb nor delay, but it's still going strong after many years of use. It was once the holy grail of jazz guitar amplifiers. I don't like delay, but I use a reverb pedal sometimes, and it takes that well. I've never even heard of the Acoustic Box, so I have no comment on that.