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    I see, at any given time, there is usually one or two on Reverb and a handful (mostly located in Japan) on Ebay. Based on my limited knowledge of Japanese guitars, the quality of workmanship continued to improve over time up to when production became automated in the 80s. So earlier models were maybe not as well built as the late 70s "lawsuit" era guitars, as these were made between 67-71?

    I can't find much info or testimony regarding these.
    The Yamahas I've owned (including an ae1200) were quite good, though, not incredible.
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    Not much experience with these around here?

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    In general, import guitars from the late 60’s - early 70’s are NOT particularly good guitars. Current imports can be fantastic, and are often a great bargain, but 50 years ago....not so much. The high state of MIJ guitars today mixed with Vintage fever makes for a dangerous combination for online guitar shopping. If you want a good quality, very affordable import guitar, stick with something made fairly recently.
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