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    GAS is striking again, but so is necessity and I'm tired of relying on junkers (love em though I do). I read and hear good things about all of these. Maybe the differences are negligible. The Eastman and Ibanez seem fine esp for the price. I'm not thrilled about changing pickups if I don't have to, though, from what I read here, many say the stock ones are not too good.
    The Ibanez seems to have good traction and am leaning towards that.
    Any thoughts or recommendations are very much appreciated.


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    Go with the Peerless. You will not be disappointed. Excellent build quality, great tone and playability. You do not see many used Peerless on Reverb as compared to the other brands. that should tell you something. I have a Cremona and for chuckles and grins bought a Retromatic. Great guitars. Just my 2 pennies worth.

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    If you're looking to get the ES 175 sound, the closest thing in that price range is Epiphone ES 175 premium. Identical specs and with the Gibson '57 pickups and all.
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    If i was thinking about this i would factor in the neck size, each of these guitars is slightly different and neck width as well as shape means more to me that any pickup or reputation about who likes which one. Pickups cost little to have changed, vintage vibe or sheptone are great custom choices at very reasonable prices. BTW- i will solder nothing, techs do a better job.

    The neck is where it all happens, for me its either a gibson/epiphone carve or i will just sell it within 6 months. Even though i love Eastmans features, the neck just slows me down.

    +1 on the es175 premium... lacquer finish, gibson carve, solid humbuckings and can be had for a song. Last time i looked guitar center had them at less than 1k.

    My favorite neck of all time is a 93 epiphone peerless sheraton. So peerless is my other suggestion. The 16” leela that doc dosco has on reverb is a great deal. YMMV

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    Thanks for input. I guess I kind of have a knee-jerk reaction to Epiphone. I know it's just a name, maybe it's all of the negative commentary I've read...
    I'm not sure how to get rid of that bias.

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    I haven't tried the Peerless, so I have no opinion on it. I did try the Ibanez Akjv (either 90 or 95,.forgot which) and the AR371. I liked them both, but preferred the Ibanez. I thought it sounded great, and it would not occur to me to change the pickups. Ditto for the 371.


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    Had a peerless monarch, it was a fantastic instrument.

    I also had a 371, it was good.

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    I have an Epi ES175 Premium, and it's a fine guitar, IMO the equivalent of a Gibson in every way. Eastman also makes very nice guitars, at a fair price. Eastman and Epiphone have different tones, though, with Eastman tending to be a lighter build and somewhat brighter, and Epis sounding very much like a Gibson. Which is better is an entirely subjective decision. I have zero experience with Peerless or Ibanez, so I have nothing to say about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arielcee View Post
    I'm not sure how to get rid of that bias.
    In my experience, hands-on experience either solidifies or gets rid of a bias. I played a lot of Epiphone Les Pauls that I didn't like and dismissed the brand (silly me), but then played an Emperor and it was lovely enough to make me re-think my prejudice toward the brand at least to the point where I wasn't dismissing the whole line, just the Les Pauls. ;-)