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    Am looking at a 2018 Gibson 330 with metal covers. Can you simply swap them out for the black plastic covers, an aesthetic I much prefer?
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    As far as I know: yes you can!
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    The concern with the metal covers is loss of high frequencies. At least, this was the argument Seth Lover had with Gibson. Seth lost out when the humbuckers arrived. Marketing did not like the look without shiny covers.

    It may be that you prefer to lose those frequencies.

    Here's an example of the difference in the looks.

    Gibson 330 - P90 Covers-36809659024_ab3c6f2987_z-jpgGibson 330 - P90 Covers-36809658914_9f3ece0eb5_z-jpgGibson 330 - P90 Covers-37261432270_4daacc5eb7_z-jpg

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    the black looks cooler ...
    which is what really matters ...

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    I agree.

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    To each his own - I like the gold plated pick-ups the best!

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    nothin wrong with the cremes either

    to op..yes you can trade em out...just get the correct size...imperial vs. metric..stock gibby would be imperial


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    The cremes are very nice, too.

    Here is an article about the two Heritage Super Eagles with P90s. One has cremes and mine is the other shown above. Mine also is 3 3/8" deep while the other is 3". Lastly, mine has a 1 3/4" nut and the one below is 1 11/16". This shows you how flexible Heritage was 25 years ago. Nowadays it would cost a fortune, if they even would do this level of custom work.

    Heritage Super Eagle

    Gibson 330 - P90 Covers-df203214-a442-42ea-a363-04fd29f004c1-jpgGibson 330 - P90 Covers-af7cc11c-88a7-4dae-a1bb-19e9ca02f850-jpg

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    If I had an es 330, I'd want the trad black pup covers. Make sure replacements have same pole spacing.