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    Hi all!

    I'm in the process of deciding which Mono gig bag to get for my Greco 175. I've been in contact with them directly and was told the Vertigo Acoustic or the M80 Acoustic will be suitable as far as size is concerned but after a few more follow up questions the responses have dried up.

    Any of you fine people have any experience with either? Ideally i'd love to be able to fit my 13" Macbook in the storage compartment as I ride a scooter to University and would prefer everything to fit in the one bag.

    Any information you guys might have would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind Regards


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    Yeah, the Mono folk are not the most responsive. That was my experience as well. Try a Reunion Blues Voyager Continental which is a better gigbag, in my opinion. I hate the way the Mono Vertigo opens up; you have to grab the guitar by the neck and pull it up and out. Some people like this but I don't. Nice if you are a busker playing in some tight street corner or a small stage. The only thing going for the Mono Vertigo is The Boot.

    The Dreadnaught size of the Mono Vertigo or Reunion Blues should work with the Greco 175. I have the older model RB Midnight Conti that came with my 17" Ribbecke Halfling.

    You gotta be careful with the backstraps as the guitar rides high on your back. Make it a habit to drop the gigbag to the side like a slingbag when passing through doorways or any portal.

    PS The pocket of the RB holds a Real Book, a few packs of strings, one long cable just fine. Quite sure the Mono Vertigo has the same capacity. But I won't be tempted to pack more. I pack only a cleaning cloth, two spare packets of strings, Dunlop string winder, some picks, and a tuner in mine.
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    FYI .....For the cheap but good option

    i got one of these a couple of years ago

    its pretty solid and holding up well ...


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    For my ES-175 transport, I chose an M80 over the Vertigo due to the former’s additional storage space. The large pocket measures internally about 14.75 long x 11 inches wide, narrowing to just over 8.5 inches at the very top; the gentle top corner rounding seems to begin around the 12.75-inch mark (all my measurements). You may have seen that at least one Amazon reviewer reports easily using the bag with a 13-inch Macbook in the pocket.