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    Gibson L5CT ( 2008) Natural-img_1190-1-jpgGibson L5CT ( 2008) Natural-img_1189-jpg
    I have just taken delivery of the guitar in the pic .after browsing and finding it
    at a very acceptable price. Described by the seller as exceptionally good
    condition. One might say "mint" There are no dings, scuffs or signs of wear
    the gold hardware is devoid of any tarnishing .,with no fretwear. It is in very good
    order especially for an 11 year old Gibson.
    I recently bemoaned the fact that I greatly regretted selling my L5CES & Wesmo
    which at the time seemed absolutely necessary . I have been fortunate in finding
    this replacement, It is not too far away from the L5CES in terms of tone also.
    My good friend Vinny1k , concurs it was a good buy also saying the L5CT is a rare
    bird. It arrived strung with Roundwounds, immediately replaced by TI flats.
    Its tone played through my Mambo amp and Evans AH200 & 2x8 Mambo Custom
    cab is very good and not bright as one might expect.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Nice score!

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    Congrats! Glad you are back in the saddle. She is a beauty. May she inspire your playing for many years to come.

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    You snagged a beauty! Happy to have you back in the fold, Silverfoxx. I was saddened to see you part with your L5CES and L5WM. This makes me happy again.

    The thinner rim makes it more manageable! My main regret is not being able to afford Danny's delicious L5-Byrdland Lemon Curd.


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    Quote Originally Posted by customxke
    Nice score!
    Thanks, the other advantage is the shallower body depth @ 2.5"
    as opposed to 3,3/8" of the CES. and comfortable to play.

    Thanks Marco also, your kind remarks are appreciated ....... 007

    Thank you Rene, on the ball as usual. the Lemon curd would be delicious I'm sure.
    but I do have a VSB Byrdland too ,also quite tasty.

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    My goodness, what a beauty! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    I must say everyone, I love this guy.
    And God showed what God is all about by giving this man back his hands so he can grace this fine earth with his presence for many more years to come, WITH A DREAM GUITAR IN HIS HANDS!!
    007, I can't tell you how happy I am for you.
    What a beautiful Guitar, now owned by a beautiful guy. Thanks for sharing.
    Your Friend,
    Joe D

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    A beautiful guitar with comfortable proportions. Glad to see you acquiring another Gibson - they are the standard from which that “ Jazz” sound is compared.

    Congrats on a fantastic instrument Gibson L5CT ( 2008) Natural

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    It is only fitting that the best Secret Agent in the world should also own the best jazz box (L5) in the world. Even your arch enemy Goldfinger approves.

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    Note the F hole thickness. That IMO is the perfect top carve. That is a major reason why L5's have the best jazz tone period. Thin top equals a thin sound. I was adamant that Mark Campellone carve my top just like the L5CT above. Thick top Thick tone. I have seen some Heritage archtops were the top was like a Lays potato chip. When it comes to a great archtop it is all about great mids and lows. If you are looking for loud and bright buy a Martin. A couple years ago I bought a new LeGrande with a potato chip carved top. Worst sound ever. Then I bought a L5P with a nice thick top. Both had a BJB. Night and day tone difference. The L5 is the gold standard jazz guitar that may be equaled but not beaten IMO.

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    Wow, congratulations on this find silverfoxx! What a beautiful L-5 CT, thanks for sharing.

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    Beautiful. And, vinny1k is right. Those f-holes reveal a great top-plate carve. That guitar is neither too thick nor too thin. It is going to sound fantastic.

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    007 show the looks like a Bengal Tiger.

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    Most CT's are George Gobel red. That blonde is gorgeous. Arrow straight neck with feeler gauge action and spot on bridge height.
    Good things happen to great people. 6 months ago the valley. Now the hilltop my friend. Enjoy !!!

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    yay!..hey silverfoxx, what a beautiful step in a better direction!! so happy for you!..what a beauty!

    congrats & enjoy

    play it strong!


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    Gibson L5CT ( 2008) Natural-img_1187-jpgAt Vinny's suggestion here is a pic of the back of the NGD
    I am overwhelmed at the response to this NGD, may I echo
    Cosmic Gumbo's recent remarks about this forum, it is without
    doubt the best of its kind on the Internet. The cameraderie and
    good will is second to none. A big thank you to the many friends
    I have had the good fortune to make aquaintance with.

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    Woww! A real beauty. Congrats from Spain.

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    since you bought silverfoxx I know the guitar will actually get played. Congrats!

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    So you bought the L5CT in North American Guitar, great guitar at a great price. Well done and enjoy.

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    Nice score silverfoxx!
    Nice one Vin!

    "I have seen some Heritage archtops were the top was like a Lays potato chip."

    If I had a mouthful of liquid it would have been sprayed on my viewing device!
    Last edited by wintermoon; 06-21-2019 at 06:47 PM.

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    Congrats! I wish I had one, one day - my dream guitar.

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    The L5CT and Super 400 Thinline are great sounding and very comfy jazz boxes. Unfortunately they are very rare birds. Also Gibson had a big upcharge for thinner. Less wood more money ? Just like way more money for blonde though a sunburst is way more work. That's Gibson.
    Like I always say, I love/hate Gibson though when they get it right nobody can touch them. Nobody.

    My bucket list still includes either a CT or a 400T and another black Wesmo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bananafist
    So you bought the L5CT in North American Guitar, great guitar at a great price. Well done and enjoy.
    Yes luckily they had discounted it by £1k.,,, suspiciously
    I asked about it in great detail, saw the videos of it being demoed
    and was assured of its extraordinary condition. Proof of the pudding!
    It arrived carefully and well packed .As I have said its condition is
    top notch, playability ditto. A very good acquisition particularly when
    we see the ridiculous asking prices bandied about on the Internet
    for half decent Archtops.

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    Since you have owned an L-5CES and now have an L-5CT, can you tell us what the difference in tone is? I would presume that the thinner body makes some tonal difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stringswinger

    Since you have owned an L-5CES and now have an L-5CT, can you tell us what the difference in tone is? I would presume that the thinner body makes some tonal difference.
    There are differences, The L5CES on the neck pickup only .had that full Wes type sound and almost impossible to better. with
    both pickups it was also very pleasant, the bridge pickup alone was not to our taste.
    The L5CT neck pickup alone, is almost indistinguishable from the L5CES, with both pickups on it is the equal of it. however , the
    bridge pickup alone has IMO a fuller sound and better tone quality than the L5CES.
    The other advantange is the 2.5" body depth. It would be interesting to try a side by side test. I still like the Wesmo & L5CES
    there is an aura about them that only a player can appreciate.

    Cheers Marco, 007
    Last edited by silverfoxx; 06-23-2019 at 04:05 PM.

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    I’d imagine that the thin line might perhaps be a bit more feedback resistant than the 3+ inch depth.
    Nevertheless, it is a beauty Foxman. But setting the guitar aside, the best story here is how your affliction has subsided and you are able to play again. Nothing is pleasing to hear than that.
    Joe D