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    Hi, I hope in the right sub-forum. I don't post too often, but lurk almost every day. Does anyone one know what make of hollow body JM is playing in this picture? I haven't seen it before and haven't uncovered any info about him playing a hollow during this era. Thanks.


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    That’s a Gibson Howard Roberts.

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    I was thinking a 175T - but they weren't made until 1976 and had two pickups.

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    Thanks. Looks very nice. How do the forumites feel about the Gibson HR?

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    That's a Gibson Howard Roberts Custom model from the Norlin Era Gibson company. Taj Mahal also used the same guitar for quite awhile.

    While I'm influenced by great musicians as well as their choice in instruments. The Gibson or Epiphone HR models never really spoke to me personally. But it's a very well made instrument and it's the Magician not the Wand ultimately in the end.

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    The Norlin era Gibson HR Custom is a very good jazz guitar. I prefer it to the Norlin era ES 175 of the period.

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    Or to most other Norlin Era offerings as well, LOL!

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    Thanks for all the responses. I'm looking into my first hollow body and I'm attracted to this one. And so the search begins!

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    Epiphone had one too, if your wallet is a bit thin.