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    Has anyone built their DV Mark Micro 50 into a speaker cabinet turning it into a combo amp? Would like to see pics and get ideas on how to mount the amp into the cabinet etc. I can probably figure something out but would like to see what others have done before I start sawing lumber. I have the dual channel version without the effects loop but it has XLR line out.


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    You could consider mounting it on the back of the cabinet, sort of like the DV Mark combos or the Quilter block setups. Just one option, of course, but ISTM that would be easier than trying to put it inside like most combos.

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    Here is what I did to a Fender Sidekick 65.
    Before. and after Spray on truck bed liner instead of tolex.
    Replaced the 15 inch speaker with a 12 and a tweeter.
    Attached Images Attached Images Cabinet Build-dsc_0104-jpg Cabinet Build-dsc_0105-jpg