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    So today finally a bit more humid in Central Illinois but not hot. I don’t use the air conditioning very much myself has not been on. So do any of you notice in pure acoustic archtops the sound changes with the season?

    During the dry indoor air of winter guitar sounds to me more bright. Actually stays in tune with less variation in winter.

    So today got the old D’angelico out notice the sound. A bit less bright but in some respects more responsive. Was sharp maybe 5 cents had not played it in past week. Took longer to get in tune and meet equilibrium. No change at all in action or neck but that never happens. Have not adjusted the truss rod ever.

    I find the sound a delight and one of the joys of an acoustic archtop made with acoustic sound in mind only. The change over winter to summer. Sometimes bright is good in mid January and then pull a nice chord melody in June, July, the top responding to the environment.

    Gosh I lost my mind but anyone else find this phenomenon?
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    Deacon, if you find your mind, please look around nearby because mine will be right next to yours. I swear to you I thought the same thing last night playing the Wineburst. It has been a pretty bright guitar since I got it. In the past week, I’ve noticed a much better balance in the sound. Brightness clipped and some weight to the bottom is developing. The RH in my guitar room is 61%. Even the 165 lost its brightness too.
    Very cool.

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    Seasonal changes do impart a difference in our Archtops sound. I keep my guitar room humidity between 55-60% all year , so I don’t notice much change any more. But guitars tend to pick up more moisture and thus have that wet round / mellow timbre in the summer. Even the strings will tarnish quicker and lose the new string brightness.

    My favorite time of the year for optimum Archtop sound is late fall , when I can open some windows and get that great balance of natural temperature and humidity.

    Happy Fathers Day you guys !

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    There is definitely a difference, but I actually prefer the dryer weather sound. Crisp and brilliant, and I think a wee bit louder.
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    Without doubt cold dry air sounds best to me. Makes sense that sound (waves) would move more easily and with less interference when not battling through water molecules. I have noted many times over the years on several different acoustic instruments that they just sounded best when they were in an environment of quite dry room air.
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    It’s weird, but mine never seems much affected.

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    It’s not the guitar per say that is effected but the sound waves it creates. Have you really played that guitar (it looks quite new) in an environment of warm summer air with 90% humidity and indoors in February with forced hot air home heating the dries out the air to 20%? Just as any guitar sounds a bit different in different rooms,( because of the room ) I’ll bet you’ll notice a change in that guitars tone if you find yourself in a such weather.
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    Awww. Thanks Wiskey for saying it looks new. It’s pushing ten, and I play it most nights. If you saw it in person you wouldn’t think it’s new.

    Interesting thought that you can sense the difference in sound propagation as the weather changes. I guess that would apply to a stereo or any sound source. Probably true, but I doubt I could hear the difference. I have a friend who is the hearing equivalent to a super-taster. He can hear the difference between mp3 compression and AAC. Yikes! He probably thinks that is obvious.

    Now, to be fair, my post was meant in jest. My guitars have CF soundboards, but are otherwise traditional wood construction. They are not meant as boat paddles, unlike an Emerald or Rainsong. Weather does affect it some.

    It is pretty stable. Unlike the carved top guitars I’ve made, the top doesn’t sink a little in the fall (where 20% humidity is normal) or rise in the spring (60%). But the neck is a five piece maple neck with a traditional two way truss rod. I’ve never had to adjust it, but I’m sure there is some movement. And I’m certain strings are affected by temperature, if not humidity. So you are probably right that there would be some noticeable difference if I took it from one extreme to another.

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    I hear the difference in how they sound be it humidity, temperature, or altitude.