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    It would appear the search is over (for the time being anyway - at least until GAS strikes again! )

    Today I took delivery of a 2002 Gibson L-5 CES (signed by Jim Hutchins) in near-mint condition, the dealer offers a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee so now the "honey moon" trial phase starts. If first impressions are anything to go by she's a keeper, but I will have my local luthier give her the once over to be on the safe side and protect against any unwelcome hidden surprises.

    As some of you may recall I posted previously about being in the market for a Gibson L-5 CES or WesMo. I've looked at a few over the last several months and felt privileged to be able to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of board members who willingly shared suggestions for things to look out for on a couple of guitars I looked at last month - thanks for your help.

    I promised to keep you posted so here are several pictures (from the dealer's website, my crappy phone pics wouldn't do her justice :-) ):
    2002 Gibson L5CES-2002-gibson-l5-ces-sunburst-jim-hutchins-signed_2-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-2002-gibson-l5-ces-sunburst-jim-hutchins-signed_9_front-body-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-2002-gibson-l5-ces-sunburst-jim-hutchins-signed_10_back-body-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-2002-gibson-l5-ces-sunburst-jim-hutchins-signed_3-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-2002-gibson-l5-ces-sunburst-jim-hutchins-signed_5_closeup-bridge-n-pickup-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-2002-gibson-l5-ces-sunburst-jim-hutchins-signed_1_in-case-jpg

    Saying I'm a happy camper at this point would be an understatement :-)

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    THAT is perfection right there.
    Wow. Lotsa luck and enjoy that beautiful guitar.

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    What a beaut!

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    May that beauty of a guitar inspire your playing for many years to come!

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    Happy L5 NGD!!!

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    Nice, I like the slightly irregular curl to the maple on the back.
    To be honest quarter sawn fiddle back maple can look kinda boring to me.

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    I agree with Joe...perfection!

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    Joe put it perfectly. That's a dream guitar. Congratulations, and play it in good Health!

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    Thanks guys! Still 'walking on clouds' 24hrs later

    Living dangerously here, allowing myself to get attached before my tech has had a chance to check her out.

    In hindsight it might have been smarter to have her shipped directly to him for inspection and get his seal of approval before laying my hands on her.
    Keeping fingers crossed he doesn't find any problems....
    ...would be heartbreaking having to send her back

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    WOW,WOW,WOW. It looks like you did real well. Enjoy.

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    It look in mint condition for a 2002 model , extraordinary.
    Must admit I very much regret selling my L5CES Blonde
    late last year,( for very good reasons ) a Crimson Custom
    shop model , I think it unlikely that it could be replaced
    Good luck with your NGD as JD voiced its a stunner !

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    I need my head checked; I am getting a woody...

    Looks like a great specimen from that era. I like how the nitro has settled into the grain of the spruce top.

    (I have an L5 Wes Montgomery ASB Heart Inlay from 2002. Bought it from Gryphon Stringed.)

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    A beauty! It looks newer than my ‘06.

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    Woohoo!! Finally able to bring her in to my trusted local luthier for an inspection and check-up which she passed with flying colours + slight setup tweak and now plays even better than before :-)

    Am thrilled to report that I can unequivocally state now with 100% certainty that she is mine all mine and never going back!

    Following are a couple of pictures of her getting to know some of her new family members...

    2002 Gibson L5CES-af03052d-c0e2-4b7a-881e-a470d62df35f-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-fa863ee6-edb1-4e58-a618-78419256575b-jpg

    I must give a shout out to The Fellowship of Acoustics (TFOA | Fine, Vintage and Rare Guitars - The Fellowship of Acoustics), the dealer in the Netherlands that I purchased the guitar from. Their responsiveness, fast and professional replies, outstanding service and careful packing+shipping are the new standard by which I will henceforth measure all guitar dealers :-)
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    A real looker!

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    What's that sexy thing with a hole in the middle?

    I'm talking about the amp.

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    That is a 1x12” combo I had custom built for me by a local builder, “Þurs Amplifiers” -
    He builds them from scratch, incl. the cabinets (walnut if i’m not mistaken).
    Approx. 18-20w handwired tube amp w/built-in reverb - just got it last month.
    I have several others, incl. Victoria, Fender Princeton Reverb re-issue, Polytone Mini-Brute II and IV etc., but this one is getting the most play time these days

    2002 Gibson L5CES-3fa125eb-c69d-4d87-bf38-c02bc8c51604-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-9a2ce554-3ceb-4282-bf86-5a0e4c41e0d8-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-09b5e706-0cf9-4841-b18d-6177456debac-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-5cc7fa3e-128d-4247-914a-8b0608d93e8a-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-1839c2c9-d86c-423e-bed1-c9b72962138a-jpg2002 Gibson L5CES-f755343e-de65-4e4c-afef-76be586b9bcc-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images 2002 Gibson L5CES-48209ee5-b38f-49e1-aaad-ed27a3ac6828-jpg 2002 Gibson L5CES-cbf4c14d-8994-4d37-9f73-cf891839003d-jpg 2002 Gibson L5CES-4c7ccf66-e564-4641-b849-5ef9727190ec-jpg 2002 Gibson L5CES-30147496-700d-44e4-b75e-cf309f7c678a-jpg 2002 Gibson L5CES-57961590-9d73-42be-a180-9468041a95f4-jpg 2002 Gibson L5CES-a9905a31-61e7-4b1c-b688-2086538c52a5-jpg 2002 Gibson L5CES-cd4858e7-537b-4acb-8912-1325af4336e2-jpg 2002 Gibson L5CES-2267656a-58a1-4f9d-aeee-a7a153fe0dba-jpg 

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    That looks crazy highend. Quality build. Warm liquid sound (that eludes digital modellers and that Kemper Profiler, no matter what their cloth-earred acolytes declaim; digital is good enough in multilayered processed to death commercial recordings where the average guy hears MP3 as hifi...yeah, hearing it on Youtube I know but the source is good analogue material; I digress) from Iceland, population 338 349...

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    That is some fine looking amp!

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    She just turned 17 today!

    At least Jim Hutchins signed the inspection sticker on this day, June 24th, in 2002.
    The serial number 21962002 would date her as being produced on the 196th day of 2002,which was July 15th that year, if I’m not mistaken.

    So which day should one consider the “birthday”?
    2002 Gibson L5CES-fd7be581-5832-48c5-8d60-03de8c200d72-jpg

    P.s. I was originally planning on writing a NAD post for the amp at some point and wanted to include some sound clips, but now “the cat’s out of the bag” I guess :-)

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    The amp needs its own separate thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky
    The amp needs its own separate thread.
    I think it certainly warrants it - will put something together later this summer and maybe get the builder involved so he can answer the technical questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by v281
    Today I took delivery of a 2002 Gibson L-5 CES (signed by Jim Hutchins) in near-mint condition, the dealer offers a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee so now the "honey moon" trial phase starts. If first impressions are anything to go by she's a keeper, but I will have my local luthier give her the once over to be on the safe side and protect against any unwelcome hidden surprises.
    Gorgeous L5, congratulations!

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    Great guitar AND amp. Nice acquisitions.

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    What a stunner! One of the prettiest L-5s I’ve seen. Beautiful top, beautiful neck, and wow! what a backside! ;-)

    Enjoy her and let us hear!