Hi all,

I was fortunate to come across a Blue Chip TAD50 a little while ago. I've been playing with it lately and really enjoy it, but I wanted to do some sound comparisons with the pick that I normally use (Dunlop 205) and a regular old plastic tortilla chip. The comparison is for myself as much as it is anyone else who may be interested in trying a Blue Chip.

Keep in mind as you're listening that the difference in tone is very subtle and I recommend that you use headphones. It'll be more obvious in some playing samples than others. Also keep in mind that a lot of the benefit that comes with playing with a Blue Chip or other handmade pick is the feel you're getting from it. In general, it seems like the Blue Chip slides off the strings nicely and doesn't move around in my hand as much as other picks do.

My final thoughts? It's nice. I'm n