For many years I had cheap SS amps. When I started earning reasonable income I got tube amps and got rid of the SS amps. Of course my EXPENSIVE tube amps sounded much better than CHEAP SS amps.
Until recently I've never owned a good SS amp. I did use Henriksen's and Jazz Chorus's for rehearsals. They sounded great. But I never owned one until last week when I got a Traynor mini bass head (SB200).

I A/B'd the Traynor with my Deluxe Reverb and Champ by plugging the head into the cabinets of the amps. I'm extremely happy with the sounds I'm getting. Warm and clear. Honestly the only difference I hear is a slight EQ variation which can be matched with some pedantic tweaking. I did put a mojo mojo in front at times in order to compare with the Champ better as it starts breaking up a lit