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    I have some travel upcoming for the foreseeable future for work, and am contemplating a travel guitar. Will be just for playing through my iPad with headphones. I’m not crazy about the traveler guitars, and my budget is around $400 max. I usually play a Stratocaster with flats.

    I’m weighing a Steinberger spirit vs getting a Squier Tele and removing the neck for the flights. They end up costing about the same.

    On the steinberegers side, it’s all ready to go, no hassle.

    On the tele side, I would get a full sized body and could use flats.

    Looking for for some advice one way or the other based on the experience of all of you wizards.


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    You can use flats on Steinberger if you use this kinf of adapter :
    Steinberger Guitars STADG06 Adapter Guitar BK – Thomann France

    I have a Hohner G3T, it's fun to play, easy to carry when you travel and strangely close to a Strat !

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    The problem with flats is that they do not respond well to handling - the tend to crack/break if you play around with them, as in loosen/tighten/remove/install.
    You could always get a Hofner Shorty - reasonably decent, functional Furutama-built crap - that would allow you to use flatwounds, and it's pretty teeny. I travelled with one for a few years, along with a Scholtz Rockman/earphones. The Shorty is cheap enough that you could have it super-tweaked (frets/setup) by a good guitar tech and still come in under your budget.

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    I've been using a Steinberger Spirit with flats for several years now whenever I travel. I have this adapter and it works great....

    JCustom Steinberger Combo Headpiece - For Double-Ball Or | Reverb

    I've never had any issues and it is actually a pretty nice guitar to play. It is easy to carry in its gig bag (I just wrap it in a towel for extra padding) and fits nicely in the overhead bin without issue.

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    I have a Steinberger Spirit for a travel guitar. The only complaint I had was that the stock pickups were horrible for high gain applications. I replaced the humbuckers and left the single could alone and I’m happy with it now. It was easy to set up and plays well.

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    steinberger style guitars are great for travel..the cheaper wood body spirits and hohners included...perfect match for travel with your i-pads or macbooks

    in general, convenient fun light good sounding guitars...recommended


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    Sounds like the unbolting is not a popular option....

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    well a tele will still be wider...and more troublesome...tho, you could always do what devout tele weilder bill kirchen does...uses threaded inserts....for no wood screw stress removal


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    I imagine the canoe paddle Steinberger is easiest to travel with, anyone use the guitar bodied version?

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    I've traveled with a Steinberger for quite a few years. I also had a Hohner. Both were very reliable.

    The EMG pups were not to my liking completely due to their starkness, but they were good enough.

    What was important to me when the guitar was plugged in at the hotel room was that the neck felt like that of a good guitar and that the body centered properly. Both of those guitars worked well.

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    This one is comfortable to play and fits in a suitcase cushioned with clothes:

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    I'll see if I can find a speedster to checkout, also found a Spirit close by for sale.

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    I've never played a Speedster or Steinberger, so I'm not much help here. But dang, that Speedster in fep's clip sounded pretty darn good to me! Much better than I would have expected.

    Good luck in your quest!

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    IF you have a nice bolt on -

    Maybe a 2.25" Semi Hollow Tele with a very small center block and neck H and middle smaller H ( please build one builders ) with 20 fret neck ...( lol ).

    The trick to making the neck repeatedly removable with no problems is to have threaded inserts professionally installed on the neck .

    And to not overtighten I assume when you reassemble , and probably a laminate 3 or 5 piece neck .