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    Im really digging my sg junior with bigsby. After pretty much having my arm and shoulder reconstructed after a fall in 2015. Archtops and larger acoustics and guitars are not a option. And this little axe is just comfortable.

    I know the p90 in bridge position wont give the classic jim hall neck tone completely. Its pretty good now.

    but i would like a little more versatility and richness. Whats a really good p90 being made. Any wiring caps or esquire style switching i could do. Thanks to all


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    This might be worth checking out. I agree with him that Barden pickups are awesome. I have had 3 in my Tele for over 20 years now and am still totally happy with them.

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    hard to beat a duncan antiquity p90...seymour d was disciple of p90 inventor seth lover.. learned his methods and process right from the source


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    I like Porter's P-90s!

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    I like Vintage Vibe P90 humcancelleing pickups a lot!

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    I’ve been very happy with Lindy Fralin p 90s. Great clean tone and a lot of detail without ever sounding harsh. For jazz, his noiseless p90s might be even better...a little more bass response and a really sweet tone. Expensive, though.