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    Someone contacted me about doing a repair on a crack in guitar top. Well this person lives a long way from me not worth sending the guitar as they live in Houston area. Does anyone know someone, music store, ect that is good and I can refer them to. I don't know anyone off top of my head I know Ed Schaefer is in Texas but have not heard from him in years. Where do you fellows in southern Texas get your guitars serviced?
    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?


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    Maybe check in with Stephen Marchione? He's had a number of folks apprentice in his shop, he should be able to steer you toward someone who does good repair work.

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    Hands down, no question, it's Neil Sargent.

    • 909 Thompson St
    • Houston, Texas 77007

    Phone (713) 869-2588

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    Did this ever get worked out?