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    Studio recording of my Tal Farlow

    Here’s a recording from my band from a couple months ago, I’m playing my Tal Farlow through a Deluxe Reverb 65. How do you like the sound? After not listening to it for a longer time, and now listening again I’m actually very happy with the sound - pretty modern and pretty clear. In the meantime I changed almost every element of my pedalboard but maybe this wasn’t the best idea?

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    That is the kind of music I try to make. I like that guitar sound!

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    May 2010
    North Coast Pennsylvania
    Nice playing! The Tal sounds pretty good to me!
    Best regards, k

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    Apr 2013
    Nicely done!

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    Very nice Jzjazz. Gibson Tal Farlow. All the jazz guitar you’ll ever need.
    What color is your Tal?
    Joe D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max405 View Post
    What color is your Tal?
    Joe D
    Couldn’t you hear the color? ;-)

    It’s a sunburst, here you can see it:

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    Cool to hear this slightly more old-school sound in contemporary jazz styles.

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    Nice tone and playing!

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    Beaufort, S.C.
    Your Tal Farlow sounds beautiful - and so does your playing!

    Really enjoyed hearing you guys play "Darn That Dream".


    Steven Herron
    Jazz Guitar Tabs - Solos, Tabs Books, Instruction DVDs + Video Lessons

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    It really is a beautiful guitar. You play it great. Keep up the great work and keep sharing your great talent with us.
    Joe D
    Quote Originally Posted by jzjazz View Post
    Couldn’t you hear the color? ;-)

    It’s a sunburst, here you can see it:

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