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    @Stringswinger, thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, it's my understanding that this Eastman model was done with Frank Vignola and Ryan Thorell (based on his design), and Eastman's Bob Bakert.

    @Gitpicker , I really appreciate you sharing those observations! You're sounding and playing great on a YouTube vid I found:
    Believe me, I watched just about every vid of this guitar I could before my purchase. If you have other video or audio of your playing the Vignola, I'd be interested!

    And by the way, thank you so much for your recent contribution to Eastman's lineup of Gypsy Jazz acoustics. I had a chance to play a DM-1 in my local store, Sunrise Guitars, and was extremely impressed!

    @Rob MacKillop, thanks for the encouraging words. This guitar is so much fun to play, and I feel this is one of the most beautiful guitar designs I've ever seen--to me, a true work of art.

    Quick update:
    Neck depth is .84" at the 1st fret and 1.0" at the 12th fret, with nut width measuring 1.76".

    Strings are now Martin Retro (monel) custom light gauge, .011 .014 .023 .031 .041 .052, and this definitely sounds more pleasing to me acoustically--less metallic, fuller, louder bass strings. Previously, with the 12-52 nickel strings, my wife commented that the only way to describe it was that "it sounds like an electric guitar." And with the monel strings, she noticed "that does sound better." The lighter e and b gauges relative to the low E sounds more balanced, to me. And these monel strings feel tighter under the fingers--the wound strings feel stiffer and more appropriate for acoustic picking.

    I still think I'll eventually give the Pyramid silver-plated copper wound strings a try to see if it warms things up even more. I really like how those and the traditional gauge Gypsy Jazz strings feel under my fingers.


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    IMO Frank Vignola is one of the best guitarists in the world. Congrats on owning his signature axe. I enjoy Frank & Vinny as much as I enjoyed Herb & Joe. Do enjoy.

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    In my recent quest of a small versatile archtop, with one pickup, the Frank Vignola is slowly getting all I'm searching for
    I just love the look of this guitar, small size, Gypsy style, shorter scale (I have small hands and have a real hard time playing the 670 mm gypsy scale)
    The specs on the web never say if this guitar is all solid? I suppose the top is solid spruce, but what about the mahogany back and sides, are they solid?
    Another thing that interests is the acoustic power of this guitar?
    I'd like to be able to play with a friend that has a Gitane Jorgensen model that has quite a loud projection. Would the Frank Vignola cope with it?
    All in all I think I'm going to pull the trigger, the Fv680 is so unique I think I would be sort of upset if I missed the opportunity to have one. I've noticed that Eastman tend to quit models pretty often.
    I'm really open to any comments or experience with this one

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    Yes, the back and sides are all solid.
    I think it could keep up with a Gitane.

    Because of recent personal stuff I'm selling my Eastman Vignola. I've got it listed on another forum, so send me a message if you're interested and I'd be happy to discuss it more.

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    OK thanks
    PM sent

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    Hi Rob

    Good to see you're trying the Wegan picks.
    I've been playing bluegrass guitar for a number of years with a standard pick 1.5mm until a friend who plays gypsy jazz guitar introduced me to the Wegan 5mm pick the difference was night and day ,far better volume and depth.
    It has taken a while to get used to the thickness but it's been worth it.
    Congratulations on your playing with the Eastman DM1your rendition of nuage was excellent
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    Quote Originally Posted by docsteve

    As far as Germany is concerned, this is disputable. I haven't seen many, if any, Selmac-style guitars around at the major retailers, and Gitane seems to have gone completely.
    There's the Kremona Lulu Reinhardt signature series, which are built in Europe and should not be that hard to get in Germany?
    (currently sold out)
    I've considered this as a future additional nylon-stringer, the few sound samples I've heard were right up my alley.

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    I listened to the recording with the Argentines, and was quite surprised. Not only because the trebles sound very full on a guitar that was apparently designed to support steel strings, but the basses sound quite full too. I've always read that these (bass) strings are not intended for "normal" playing but intended to give the percussive sound of the French (aka gypsy) swing style.
    The former could be an effect of the recording (with a close-by microphone), the latter too?

    Truth be told, I'm having some difficulty with the so-called violin finish. I follow the auctions from Artprecium/Millon here in Paris, where guitars like this (originals and older copies) often pop up, and I've never seen one looking like this. Tastes differ, of course, and maybe it looks much better in person.