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    Quote Originally Posted by Greentone View Post
    Ready for blasphemy? I gigged for _years_ with first a '67 blackface Deluxe Reverb, then a '66 blackface Deluxe Reverb. (Before that, bigger Fender amps.) These were SUPERB amplifiers. The chief difference between the two was that the '67 was all original--NO alterations--whereas the '66 had a speaker from a 50s Twin Amp in it.

    The Deluxe Reverbs were my favorite amps, bar none, until the Polytones came along. In particular, the Baby Brute and Mega Brute--the ones with the 8" speaker. There is something about the way that the 8" Eminence speaker in a one cubic foot sealed cabinet (Baby Brute) presents the tone of an archtop guitar that simply sounds better than any other amplifier I have used.

    Although today I continue to use Fenders, 12" and 15" Polytones, Ampeg and Lab Series amps, I have yet to improve upon the sound of an 8" Polytone. As much as I like AI amps and RE cabs, I would still choose a mint Baby or Mega Brute if I had to back down to a one-amp situation.

    I also started with Fender amps (A Twin Reverb) but switched to Polytone in the mid 70's (my back will be forever grateful!). I kept going back and forth between Polytones and Fender tube amps over the 80's and 90's as I like the different sounds of both. Than I heard the AI/RE combo and went in that direction. Today I have and use all three. I use a Polytone Mini-Brain with my RE cabs as well as an AI Clarus. And I have a 1964 Princeton with a JBL. I get Twin Reverb tone without the weight (and without the volume, but who needs that kind of volume today?). I also have an AER Compact 60 (great for gigs where you have to walk quite a ways) and a Line 6 Battery amp (For that one gig every couple of years where I need a battery amp). If I had to go down to one amp, it would either be the Fender or the Polytone head with a RE Stealth 10ER cab. I am truly not sure which one would win and hope that I never have to make that choice!
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    If I was moving toward a 1 amp situation, I'd be tempted to try the new Henriksen Blu.
    It looks super practical and I like the Henriksen sound, though I would really miss the tube sound.

    But meanwhile I've got 4 tube amps, a Henriksen 110er, an AI Reazors Edge setup, a Little Jazz . . . First world problems.

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    Quilter Aviator 1x8" closed back combo, add another small cab for larger gigs! Light weight Loud, Fender Type Clean. You would be hard pssed to find a more versatile amp among any of the others mentioned.

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    No doubt this is the amp to end all amps!

    Amazon.com: Estaban Guitar Amp: Musical Instruments

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    For archtops....Polytone mini brute, Acoustic image through enclosed soldano 2/12 cab, fender vibrosonic (twin) head through enclosed 2/12 or 4/12 vintage Marshall cab.

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    I had a Polytone for a while. I liked it. But then it died on me, so I replaced it with one of these:

    What is "the amp of the jour" these days?-g100fx-acoustic-amplification-1-600x630-jpg

    The Acoustic GFX100.

    I tried the amp because A) I had tried most of the other amps, and didn't want to leave any stone unturned, and B) it was cheap as hell. (Don't remember exactly, but under $500 new). I was not expecting to like it as much as I do.

    I think these amps are underappreciated gems. Mine has been nothing but reliable and great sounding. Does it sound as great as my hand-wired, all tube Dr. Z? No. But to be fair, neither does anything else.

    Edited to add: 31 pounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray175 View Post
    If I could find one this side of the Atlantic, and in good condition, I would give my right testicle for a 1963 Vibroverb with 15" speaker. Every time I've played one (3 times) it has convinced me that it pushes all my buttons - and some. Clean and chimy up to 4/5 then beautiful progressive breakup the way I like to hear it - plus beautifully balanced depth in the mids and bass.

    PS - I don't plan to have any more children, so for anyone in Europe (preferably near Paris) the right testicle is on offer
    I had one of these, which I sold to a friend to help pay for the ES-345 it came with. Within a few weeks it had developed issues. I took it to three different techs for service, no no avail, before refunding my friend's money in full. The tech consensus was that it must have been struck by lightning or something. It really did sound fine while it worked, though. I've never seen another.
    My Brownface Vibroverb, on the other hand, has been "rode hard and put away wet" more times than I can count and still gives it up on demand. What a glorious sounding amp - and the tilt-back legs make it the perfect club amp for blues/rock/country/what-have-you. When the ice breaks up in these parts, it's off for a major refreshening - tubes, caps, pixie dust, what ever. It will not be sold in my lifetime.
    I do hope you find your BF VV!
    Best regards, k

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greentone View Post
    Ready for blasphemy? I gigged for _years_ with first a '67 blackface Deluxe Reverb, then a '66 blackface Deluxe Reverb. (Before that, bigger Fender amps.) These were SUPERB amplifiers. The chief difference between the two was that the '67 was all original--NO alterations--whereas the '66 had a speaker from a 50s Twin Amp in it.
    Now this is odd....

    I had two BF Deluxe Reverbs; one stock and one with a 12" Celestion installed. I used them in stereo with my ES-345 (patent-sticker, stereo Vari-Tone) and the sound was HUGE. Here's the blasphemy part - I traded the two of them in on my '72 50W Plexi. That Marshall head, and the basket-weave cab I made a second trip for, is probably the only rig on the planet that was worth the trade-off. BFDRs are just magical.

    I miss the BFDRs, but the DRRI and the wide-panel Tweed Deluxe (field-coil speaker) fill the gap nicely.
    I've never encountered a Polytone in the wild. I suspect if I did, I'd need to find a space for it.
    Best regards, k

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    I have more blasphemy to add.

    I own some fantastic vintage amps. All original '57 Tweed Deluxe, '65 Deluxe Reverb, '69 Marshall Superbass with pre-rola 4x12 cab, '72 Super Reverb... I love them all but If I am playing jazz (99% of the times these days) I'll take my Polytone Megabrute without hesitation and my back will love me tender.

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    One amp I haven’t seen mentioned as much as it used to be is the Roland Cube line. I have a Cube 30x that I put an Eminence Delta Demon into and for the price it is a great amp and plenty loud. Sounded pretty good stock but the speaker replacement really kicked the sound quality up a notch. I don’t know if they make these any more but I guess the modeling amps like the Katana and Mustang as well as smaller, lighter solid state amps coming out have replaced the Cubes as frequently recommended amps.

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    I recently bought an old orange Cube 40 but for some reason I was not able to get the sound I was after and sold it. Maybe the speaker as you said.

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    I like Hammertone's approach. My amps de jour are the ones I'll have to sell, given the dearth of band activity:

    - Pure sixty four Mean Streets Classic head/cab
    - Gries 20 1x12
    - Sterling tweed bassman

    Which leaves the ones I practice on: Polytone MB II, Allen Encore head/cab, Lil Dawg DLX 1x15. Everyone of these six amps wonderful, indispensable in its own way. Which makes the selling part distasteful.

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    I am very happy with these three amps:

    - Acoustic Image Clarus IIr Series III (solid state) + Buscarino Chameleon Speaker (8”, two-way)
    - Evans RE200 (solid state, 1 x 10” combo)
    - Redplate RP40 (tube, 1 x 12” combo)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont View Post
    You must play actual jazz
    Yeah, it's like Minton's in my spare bedroom.

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    The Boss Katana really seems to be the flavor of the moment. I haven't tried one.

    For me, it's the Princeton all the way. Except for gypsy, and then the Fishman Loudbox does the trick.

    I have found carrying a Sennheiser e609 mic with me everywhere has cured me of using the DI on any of my amps. A mic will simply always sound better than a DI.

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    amp du jour??..like everything else these days...amp lite..mark dv... quilter
    old jazzers and city folk need light transportable amps..ss with 8" speakers


    wes used a heavyweight standel with a 15" speaker
    jim hall a ga 50 with 12" and 8" speakers

    etc etc

    gimmee tubes n twelves..& uber..haha

    at least a deluxe..to play thru tubes is a wonderful thing...


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    I almost forgot:

    For jazz gigs, my amps were DRRI > JazzKat > Acoustic Image Corus Series III combo. Daily practice is the BF Vibro Champ. The '06 ES-175 works well with all of them.
    Best regards, k

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    Pretty sure Mambo is still in the discussion; if not, it should be! Still very happy with my early Wedge 8; the head works well when I pair it with most RE cabinets.

    For combo jazz and if I’m driving, my main amp is a Henriksen Alfresco but an early model (actually the Soundislandmusic demo although with the heavy Black Shuck speaker) with the old pre 310/312 electronics. Mostly I like it because it’s open-back and has the large 12” speaker provides some nice presence. I think one should always have an open-back combo in the arsenal because for some gigs the amp placement is dictated by drums/bass and it sucks if nobody behind your cabinet can hear you.

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    My original reply assumed that the question was about amps for gigging, for which I need one that's powerful and loud, but also compact and relatively lightweight. Since virtually all my gigs require a straight ahead, mainstream jazz sound, I don't need distortion or overdrive built in--if I ever do need it, I add an external box.

    At home, though, I like to play around with sounds and effects. Although I've owned a number of tube amps over the years and a range of effects pedals too, these days I prefer not to deal with glowing tubes and little boxes in my living room. For more than twenty years I've used a variety of modelers instead; for the last seven years from Fractal Audio, an Axe-Fx II at first and more recently an AX8. I run into a Crown XLS1500 power driving a pair of Raezer's Edge cabinets that I no longer gig with. This setup allows me to have a reasonably authentic simulation of hundreds of amps, without having stacks of heavy hardware filling our nonexistent basement, as well as more effects than I'll ever want to use. I use an un-effected Princeton Reverb model for straight ahead jazz, but otherwise fool around a lot. While I tend to use Fenders and a Mesa MKIV, an amp which I played in real life throughout the '90's, there are a number of other amps inside the Fractal box that I enjoy playing with.

    For gigs:

    At home:

    Danny W.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray175 View Post
    ........., so for anyone in Europe (preferably near Paris) the right testicle is on offer
    A pity I already have one and in good shape, otherwise, I'd over it already !
    Make a jazz noise here

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    People seem to want some magic mojo from their amp, some special sauce, whereas for most jazz at least a simple transparent amp like the Fishman Artist is the way to go. Amps your archtop, your acoustic, your voice--you name it.

    Loud and won't break the bank or the back either...

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    At the risk of being one of the "cool kids" (at 63, I love the sound of that!)... my new DV Mark Micro 50, which I got for 150 bucks, sounds pretty damn good, to me!
    Very responsive. Wide range of sound. Surprisingly loud!


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